The Best Vegan Restaurants in Montreal: A vegan’s guide to the city

meilleurs restaurants vegans montreal

Thankfully, vegan restaurants are becoming increasingly easy to find as the general public becomes more tuned in to the environmental, health and ethical benefits of the lifestyle. At Tastet, we try our best to support the health of our planet and be mindful of our consumption habits whenever possible. That being said, there is never a reason to compromise on taste or satisfaction –  something that many people unfortunately misunderstand  about plant-based food.

We decided that it was time to create a list of vegan restaurants in Montreal that are so authentic and delicious, no one would even notice that they’re vegan. We are lucky to live in a time where you can eat pizza, burgers, chicken wings, fresh pasta and nachos, all without the weight of the planet or the animals on your conscience. However, we also want to give credit to the greener side of vegan cuisine, where vegetables are transformed into flavourful dishes that help us feel energized, healthy, and full of life. Regardless of the style, we love it all!

Without further ado, here is our list of the best vegan restaurants in Montreal. Whether you like your veggies deep fried and unrecognizable or freshly picked and finely seasoned, there is something on this list for you. And for desert, don’t forget to check our list of the best vegan ice cream in Montreal.

If you are searching for more suggestions of vegan friendly food, check out our list of the best smoothie bowls in Montreal, or our veggie-friendly category on the website for a more diverse range of addresses that accommodate vegetarians. 

Sushi Momo

Sushi Momo is a restaurant that perfectly blends the worlds of refined sushi and creative plant-based cuisine. The dishes that are served at Sushi Momo will likely stand out from any other experience at a sushi restaurant you’ve had, and thats why we love it here. A special shout out to the La Vie En Rose roll, and the papaya salad! Located right in front of Square Saint Louis, this is a great vegan restaurant that will impress anyone, regardless of their diet. Alison Slattery

3609 Rue Saint-Denis

Bowhead Pub

The Bowhead Pub is the newest address to show up on Boulevard Saint-Laurent. They have brought a much needed sub-genre of vegan cuisine to this city – greasy pub food. Whether it’s on your way in from a night out at 11 or simply a spot to watch a sporting match, its hard to deny how delicious nachos and wings are. And now, vegans can enjoy them too! The Bowhead Pub is a great place to relax, indulge, and drink. Bowhead facebook

3723 Boulevard Saint-Laurent


Restaurant Umami Ramen is the newest ramen spot to open up in Montreal, and the entire menu is fully vegan! They opened at the end of summer 2019 and have been received by the community with open arms. The menu is simple but very well executed. They offer three styles of ramen bowls, as well as a selection of three Tsukemen bowls and some Izakayas. Everything here is prepared in house, so freshness is at the forefront of each dish. Not only is this restaurant one of our new favourite restaurants to get ramen in Montreal, but it is also a very nicely designed space that will elevate your dining experience to the next level.

6660 Rue Clark


Chu Chai is a Thai restaurant that specializes in recreating some of the most popular Thai dishes using meat alternatives. This restaurant is located on rue Saint-Denis in the Plateau, so it’s perfect for enjoying either before or after exploring the neighbourhood. The menu features items such as duck rice noodles and chicken and sesame salad (made using plant-based products), so you definitely wont be missing the meat at this restaurant! ChuChai facebook

4088 Rue Saint-Denis

Aux Vivres

Restaurant Aux Vivre has been a vegan institution in Montreal since 1997, so it already has some street cred. As one of the first vegan restaurants in the city, we can think of them as trailblazers for the veggie community. Aux Vivre serves a mix of cuisines which are primarily focused around comfort food. They also are famous for their ‘buddha bowl’ style dishes, which come in a few variations. Aux Vivre has since opened a second location in Westmount, and also distributes their sandwiches and salads to various kiosks throughout the city. Aux Vivres Facebook

4631 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Archway Verdun

Located on Wellington Street in Verdun, Archway Bar Santé offers a gateway—hence the name of the restaurant—to a healthier diet and lifestyle. The menu is made up entirely of plant-based and vegan foods, with several gluten- and soy-free options, and is offered for brunch, lunch and dinner. The plant-based and adaptogen drinks—surprising concoctions made from plants, herbs and mushrooms with numerous virtues for the body and mind—are a nice added touch.

3683 Rue Wellington

Bistro Tendresse

This beautifully minimalist spot in the heart of the Village serves a refined and generous vegan cuisine. The chef seeks to showcase local and seasonal ingredients in their simplest form, with little or no processing. Don’t expect to find faux-mage and Beyond Meat on the menu. Also worth mentioning are the expertly curated natural wine list and the colourful, bright and modern decor.

1259 Rue Sainte-Catherine Est

Lola Rosa

Lola Rosa is a beloved vegan-friendly restaurant in Montreal, and the proof is in their recent opening of a fourth location. This restaurant was created by the owners as a way of showcasing just how delicious and satisfying vegetarian food can, even to those who are typically carnivores. The menu features a lot of Latin American flare, but also has dishes from other cuisines  like curry, samosas, poutine and mac and cheese. Each location is slightly different from the next, but the overall vibe of the Lola Rosa name is welcoming, casual and friendly! Lola Rosa facebook

545 Rue Milton

Café Tuyo

Located in the heart of the Plateau Mont-Royal, on Marie-Anne Street, the friendly Café Tuyo is another address that we recommend. The place serves healthy and organic vegetarian and vegan dishes in a friendly atmosphere. Very popular, the place is conducive to creation and sharing. The restaurant hosts many musicians, artists, conferences, exhibitions and shows. A truly lovely and comfortable place.



Restaurant LOV is a fan favourite of the vegan community here in Montreal, thanks to its beautiful decor and good menu. L-O-V stands for Local-Organic-Vegan, all of which are bonus points for us. The menu features a diverse array of cuisines, with influences from all over the world – from burgers and fries to steamed buns and Kimchi poutine. At this restaurant, you will find a good mix of both healthy vegan food and the more decadent dishes, but the overall theme of the menu is fresh and refined. There are now four different locations of LOV : in Old Montreal, downtown, Laval and Brossard. LOV facebook

464 Rue McGill

Mimi & Jones

Mimi and Jones is an all-vegan diner in Montreal’s Mile End, and this place is perfect for those who love the classic diner foods, but would rather stick to animal product-free diets. We come here to enjoy all of the favourites…. burgers, ‘chicken nuggets’, milkshakes, and cheesecake! There is no need to give up life’s simple pleasures in order to make more conscious food decisions. Beyond the nostalgic menu, the atmosphere at Mimi and Jones is casual, inviting and perfectly simplistic. This is a great address to come to if you want to introduce some friends to the wonders of vegan food, or simply to enjoy diner-classics in a friendly environment.

5149 Avenue du Parc

Bloom Sushi

Bloom Sushi is a project born from a collaboration between two of Montreal’s cornerstone vegan restaurants : LOV and Sushi Momo. The kitchen team prepares an impressive sushi menu that truly puts the spotlight on veggies. Rather than fish, expect mushrooms, cauliflower, avocado, tofu, tomatoes, hearts of palm and other vegetable products to be the star of the show. Furthermore, you can order a sushi platter to share, with a selection of the kitchen’s favourite sushi rolls. Alison Slattery

368 Rue Saint-Paul Ouest
Antidote Comptoir Vegane

Antidote Bouffe Végane

Andidote Comptoir Végane is located in Hochelaga, and is one of the very few sources of delicious vegan food in the area. This charming little restaurant specializes in a great vegan brunch, but also has a full menu of burgers, other diner classics and smoothies! Come to Anditode for really satisfying and tasty comfort food. This restaurant is 100% vegan! Antidote instagram

3459 Rue Ontario Est

Casa Kaizen

The family of staple vegan addresses is growing. Opened by Christian Ventura Alatorre and Brizeira Pulido in the Plateau, Casa Kaizen offers a tapas approach that fuses the flavours of Japan and Mexico. Imperial flautas, Kitoro, New Style Vegan Sashimi, Gyoza nachos and Black bean ramen are among the staple dishes. Also, don’t forget to ask about the taco of the day!

16 Avenue des Pins Est
sushi vegan ohana

Ohana Sushi Vegan

Ohana serves vegan and gluten-free sushi, as well as other great vegan dishes. Along with Sushi Momo, this is one of the most successful vegan addresses in recreating authentic sushi flavours. It is a nice addition to Mont-Royal Avenue, where sushi restaurants are rather rare.

330 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est


Foodchain is the first link in a (future) food chain that has opened on McGill College at the corner of Sainte-Catherine and is brilliantly reinventing the restaurant industry! The vegetable is the jewel in Foodchain’s crown. When you order, the ingredients are sliced then and there to offer surprising freshness. A few of the different bowls at Foodchain include: Beetroot Apple, Radish Kimchi, Kohlrabi Celery, Carrot Endive, Endive Green Pear, Fennel Daikon, Cauliflower Mushroom, Cucumber Pickle and the famous Magic Bread. All of their dishes are fresh, hearty and affordable.

1212 Avenue McGill College

Falafel Saint-Jacques

The Falafel St. Jacques counter-restaurant offers delicious Middle Eastern vegetarian dishes! There is a wide variety of options, divided between sandwiches, family-style dishes and house salads. The house offers a variety of vegetable shawarma, shitake shish-taouk, and falafel—for which it is known. Everything is made on the spot and is absolutely delicious.

345 Rue Saint-Jacques

Jones Café

Sata Sushi—a beloved vegan sushi specialist in Hochelaga—is being renamed Jones Café. MJ Guertin, owner of this one and of Mimi & Jones, has chosen to mix his two projects to open a café with a Californian vibe.  Lucky for you, Jones Café has retained a small selection of sushi on its new menu. You can also savour other comfort food—all vegan—such as a grilled cheese sandwich, creamy soups, and a heart of palm roll (an unusual snack to try as soon as possible). Although the menu is still in development, it is a fun mix between comfort food and healthier dishes that make us feel good. Freshly squeezed juices, smoothie bowls and great coffees will also be on the menu. It goes without saying that the menu is entirely vegan!

3349 Rue Ontario Est

La Panthère Verte

The Green Panther is a fast food-style vegan restaurant in Montreal that has three locations scattered around the city: the Mile-End, the Plateau, and downtown. No matter where you are on the island, there is sure to be a Green Panther not too far away. The falafels, alone or in a sandwich, are perfect for a lunch on the go!

160 Rue Saint Viateur East


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