The Best Moules-Frites in Montreal: Where to eat mussels and fries

The Best Moules-Frites in Montreal: Where to eat mussels and fries

Moules-frites is a dish that we particularly enjoy at Tastet! For those of us who have had the pleasure of devouring bowls of these in Europe, our memories are often associated with a restaurant on the Grande Place in Brussels or in a seaside café, watching the fishing boats bobbing in the water.

Referred to as the national dish of Belgium, mussels are normally served in portions of 1.5k per person, and the two most traditional cooking methods are moules marinières (steamed with white wine, shallots, parsley and butter), and moules natures (steamed with celery, leeks and butter). At their best, they are plump and juicy, eaten with a plate of fries that have been double-fried, resulting in crispy outsides and soft centres. Of course, drinking a good beer or glass of white wine with your mussels and fries is the best way to enjoy the whole experience.

The catch is, you cant just eat any dish of mussels and fries you come across. Like most other seafood dishes, the quality of the mussels used in a plate of moules-frites is a key factor in determining how it all turns out. For this reason, we thought that a list of where to find these top quality mussels was an essential! Finally, here is our list of favourite places to savour the best moules-frites in Montreal. Bon appétit!

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Restaurant Gus

In his tiny restaurant on rue Beaubien, chef David Ferguson prepares dishes so tasty and generous that the list of fans and returning customers is a long one! Comfort food is what you come for at Restaurant Gus; this is a menu that speaks to the chef’s personality with dishes that appear simple but are, in fact, elaborate. The servings are generous and alive with freshness! Try the succulent mussels and fries, inspired by ingredients like white wine, tomatoes, grilled corn, cilantro, and Parmesan cream. Share these copious portions with friends, or between lovers, or even devour them all on your own!

38 Rue Beaubien Est


Vieux Montréal is home to a number of European-style restaurants and this brasserie is no exception. Holder is a large brasserie that has been open for about 15 years but when you look around, it’s as if it has been there forever. They serve uncomplicated, satisfying and well-made dishes so it is not surprising to find it packed all the time. Located in the magnificent Shaughnessy Building on McGill Street (a 10-story « tower » built in 1910 as the management HQ for Canadian Pacific, named after its then President), this very grand brasserie welcomes you into an atmosphere that’s buzzing with fun. Everyone’s chatting, laughing and eating well, the sign of a successful place. We like ordering the house classics like the moules marinières and moules with pastis. They are excellent and served with a decent sized plate of yummy crispy fries. Together with a glass of white wine, it’s a perfect match!

407 Rue McGill


Leméac is an easy choice and a place we have come to cherish, not least because the quality never changes, it is always delicious. The decor in this elegant French brasserie complements the menu of very satisfying brasserie food. High quality ingredients are key to Leméac’s success and the fashionable clientele are keenly aware of this. The kitchen is open until late at night and Leméac offers a discount menu after 10pm. They list moules-frites in their specialties, steamed in a broth of poultry and fish stocks, white wine, a hint of Ricard, tomato confit and handfuls of herbs: true deliciousness! Everything at Leméac works well, from the courteous service to the efficiency of the staff. It is a pleasure to dine at this elegant address on rue Laurier Ouest.

1045 Avenue Laurier Ouest

Nouveau Palais

Nouveau Palais welcomes you in a typical diner setting, as was found on every corner of Montreal during the 1950s. The menu may be short and appear simple but chef Kevin Weldon and his team execute the dishes very well. Their burgers count among the best in Montreal but they also serve an excellent mussels & fries prepared with ingredients that include tomatoes and Cajun spices. Choose a nice wine from the short wine list or perhaps order a classic cocktail. We do like the atmosphere at Nouveau Palais, and another bonus is that the kitchen closes so late on weekends.  

281 Rue Bernard Ouest

Brasserie Bernard

A great classic in Outremont, Brasserie Bernard is the perfect place for a pleasant lunch, combining tasty dishes and a friendly atmosphere. The place is also perfect for a pleasant and peaceful evening. You can enjoy a delicious Prince Edward Island mussel casserole with fries, classic!

1249 Avenue Bernard


Restaurant Josephine opened on St. Denis Street in May 2018 and offers tasty seafood and fish dishes in an elegant setting. On Tuesdays, they offer an all-you-can-eat mussel option!

4007 Rue Saint-Denis
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Photography by Alison Slattery

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