Where To Eat Montreal’s Best Fried Chicken

Last update on June 03, 2021
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Where To Eat Montreal’s Best Fried Chicken

“I know everybody is a closet fried chicken lover!” Said Kimberly Lallouz at the opening of her restaurant, Bird Bar — we agree. We’ve been receiving non-stop requests for our picks of Montreal’s best fried chicken. For those of you hungry for a piece of lightly dredged, perfectly seasoned, fried until golden-brown chicken, look no further. 

As per usual, Montreal has plenty of great fried chicken offered in a range of styles. Below are our suggestions of where to get the best fried chicken in Montreal. But first, a bit of history: Fried chicken is deeply rooted in African-American culture. However, the true origins of the dish are unknown. In the U.S., fried chicken played a major role in the economic emancipation of the black community, particularly for women, at the turn of the Civil War. Recipes for fried chicken were passed down from generation to generation in African-American families, eventually leading to women, newly-freed from slavery, setting up kiosks in train stations. Legend has it that it was then possible to follow the migration of Black Americans north because of the chicken bones that ended up on the side of the tracks. These trains were even given the name “Chicken Bone Express”. Fried chicken later became a Sunday staple frequently served after Mass, hence the evocative nickname Gospel Bird. More info here

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Adapted to English by Clay Sandhu.

Épicerie Pumpui

On its beautiful premises that operates as both a grocery store and a restaurant, Épicerie Pumpui serves traditional Thai cuisine, somewhat confusingly, in the heart of Little Italy. Among the many exceptional dishes on the menu is l’Épicerie’s addictive fried chicken — one of the city’s best. Like the rest of the menu, the fried chicken is particularly spicy for sensitive taste buds and is executed with the same restraint that makes every dish at Pumpui a success. Pumpui’s fried chicken is perfect for lovers of fried chicken looking for new flavours or simply to eat an excellent rendition of the dish at a low price.
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Paradis BBQ

Paradis BBQ, a lovely little restaurant on the corner of St-Hubert and Rachel, offers a variety of knockout chicken dishes! The 27 seat family-friendly restaurant is pretty and its location near Lafontaine Park allows customers to pack a picnic from the take-out menu. Here, you’ll find chicken in all forms from chicken wings to a club-sandwich, hot-chicken and, of course, delicious fried chicken. The birds themselves come from the Rose des Vents farm and can be enjoyed with hot sauces or a homemade ranch sauce!
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Icehouse is neither fine-dining nor fast food — it lies somewhere in-between; an unpretentious place where you can eat well without worrying about counting calories. Icehouse is a charming and casual establishment in the Plateau serving a delicious tex-mex menu. The varied menu includes everything from ribs to burritos, but above all, Icehouse makes some of the best fried chicken in Montreal! Served by half or full buckets (five or ten pieces) the classic double-fried chicken is juicy, tasty, and oh so crispy. As soon as the chicken leaves the fryer it’s tossed in the restaurant’s wildly delicious secret sauce (sweet and spicy). Icehouse is one of our favourite places to eat fried chicken.  
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Bird Bar

On the menu at Bird Bar, you’ll find among other things a section entirely devoted to fried chicken available as of 11AM, Tuesday to Sunday. The chicken is served in a few different formats: two pieces, three pieces, 12 pieces, as “mockpok” ( a vegan substitute which is absolutely delicious), as chicken wings or with waffles and watermelon. You can order the fried chicken with different side dishes: fries, mashed potatoes, cornbread, feta and melon salad or a green salad. The restaurant also offers a choice of 13 different sauces. The chicken at Bird Bar is sourced from La Ferme des Voltigeurs which raises quality, free-range, grain-fed birds. What’s special about Bird Bar’s fried chicken is that they fry their chicken using 40-60% less frying fat than most!
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Dinette Triple Crown

Triple Crown makes Kentucky-style fried chicken in a 1920’s atmosphere; we love this spot. The music and the decor take you back to simpler times in the south. The fried chicken, which is served in two or three pieces is served with a choice of side dish which includes buttermilk biscuits, mashed potatoes and gravy, pinto beans, sweet potato hash browns, cornbread, braised greens, creamy or traditional coleslaw or hushpuppies. The fried chicken also comes in a sandwich infamously known as the “Big Nasty” ie. chef Colin Perry’s answer to the hot chicken. It’s gluttonous but absolutely delicious. Guests can choose to eat at the counter, in the spacious dining room or you can even opt to borrow a picnic basket in the summer and eat your meal in the park. 
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Mon ami

Mon Ami BBQ is one of our favourite Korean restaurants. We love a lot of what they do but mainly we come here for the best Korean fried chicken in the city! Mon Ami’s fried chicken comes in several different formats and options: classic, garlic and soy sauce, sweet and spicy, with cheese, etc. The chicken is juicy and fried twice rather than once, which gives a certain thickness to the breading. We love the fried gizzard that looks like some sort of fried chicken candy! The establishment is warm (and also offers a terrace in the summer) and is always crowded which can mean long lines on the weekend, but it’s worth waiting for. Some pretty unbeatable specials are offered for lunch and the affordable prices in the evening are always nice.  
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Maneki Comptoir Asiat Restaurant Montréal

Maneki Comptoir Asiat

Maneki Comptoir Asiat’ is a superb small pan-Asian counter that recently opened in Hochelaga Maisonneuve serving a wide array of dishes for dine-in or takeaway. The restaurant, even if it operates mainly as a take-out counter, has a dine-in capacity of about thirty seats. The decor is modern, refreshing and refined — in our opinion, it’s among the most beautiful counters in Montreal. Maneki’s take on fried chicken uses the Cantonese method of salt and pepper frying and applies it to wings (they also do a delicious salt and pepper tofu). If you live around the corner or pass by, the address is worth stopping in for a bite!
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Nouveau Palais

Nouveau Palais’ retro decor reminds us of all the wonderful corner diners of 1950’s Montreal. Chef Kevin Weldon and his team kept the menu short and sweet with an emphasis on doing the classics very well. While Nouveau Palais is known for one of the best burgers in Montreal they also do an excellent plate of fried chicken served with a cider BBQ sauce and a kale salad. For brunch, you can get that same fried chicken served with waffles and maple syrup! To drink, there’s a nice little wine list and some classic cocktails.  We love the 50’s ambiance and the fact that the kitchen closes late on weekends.  
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Les Street Monkeys

One of the few Cambodian restaurants in town, Les Street Monkeys celebrates the vibrant flavours of Cambodian street food in a setting reminiscent of an energetic night market. On the menu is a selection of traditional street food that includes fresh salads, grilled meat and fish and of course the addictively good Khmer fried chicken drumsticks served with a sauce of shrimp paste, kaffir lime leaf, lemongrass and garlic.
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Opened November 28th last year, Hanzō is a new izakaya located in the heart of Old Montreal. The old-port Izakaya offers its customers a gourmet formula of small Japanese dishes revisited at low prices. On the menu, Hanzō keeps it simple: affordable small plates. The décor, inspired by the movie Kill Bill and Japanese pop-culture aesthetics, is complemented by a short but delicious cocktail menu. Hanzō’s version of that crispy yardbird is called Konbini fried chicken (a reference to Japan’s love affair with vending machines) and is served with black pepper and achiote.
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Restaurant Dandy, comfortably located in Old Montreal, is open for breakfast and lunch. It’s a refuge for local passers-by who wish to escape the hustle and bustle of the financial district. From the kitchen, you’ll find a menu offering refined comfort food elevated by quality ingredients and masterful execution. Personally, we love the buttermilk fried chicken sandwich with apple remoulade.
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Roch le Coq

This small canteen recently popped-up on Van Horne Avenue in Outremont. Inside, an experienced team is cooking some of the best fried chicken in town. Behind the small counter, Oussama, Philippe, Guillaume and Cosmas manage the kitchen. The friendly brigade doesn’t hesitate to hop-off the fryers and deliver dishes straight to the tables. The foursome sources their chicken from the Ferme des Voltigeurs, which is always fresh and guaranteed never frozen. Roch le Coq serves it’s chicken by the piece or by the bucket, in sandwiches, as popcorn chicken and on homemade waffles cooked à la minute. We have an undeniable preference for the fried chicken sandwich, which deservedly earned Roch le Coq a spot on our list of the best fried chicken in Montreal.    
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Restaurant Luna is a Bring your own wine restaurant on the Plateau Mont-Royal. This charming former French bistro has been tastefully revamped by its new owners and now serves a tantalizing menu of traditional Korean food. Among Luna’s many succulent specialties is a dish of fried chicken tossed in a sweet and tangy sauce and garnished with orange peel and peanut.  
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Mitch Deli

Mitch Deli, Maxime Gagné’s brand new gourmet sandwich shop, is located in Le 180g record store and serves one hell of a fried chicken sandwich. Other sandwiches from the deli include a BLT made with homemade pickle-laden focaccia, a chopped-bacon and herb dumpling and a vegetarian falafel sandwich, all of which are listed among our best sandwiches in Montreal. You’ll also find on the menu some delicious popcorn chicken (tossed in local honey) and a rhubarb sundae topped with strawberry and white chocolate candies. Moreover, we think it’s worth mentioning that a large majority of the ingredients used are sourced from organic farms. The team is deeply committed to partnering with local producers in order to make the best, freshest dishes possible while keeping prices low!
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Casgrain BBQ

The menu at Casgrain BBQ is inspired by traditional Quebec rotisseries. The project is a return to his roots for Mon Lapin chef Marc-Olivier Frappier who started his cooking career at Saint-Hubert. Casgrain BBQ’s chicken comes from La Ferme d’Antoine and is accompanied by coleslaw and gravy. Added to these classics are a few delicious specials like roast duck with seasonal vegetables and a few vegetarian options. The menu is complemented by a mouth-watering dessert section — we loved the maple-strawberry Paris-Brest and the sesame-rhubarb ice cream sandwich.
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