Where to find the best gnocchi in Montreal

Published on July 08, 2021
meilleurs gnocchis de montreal

Where to find the best gnocchi in Montreal

Gnocchi is a type of pasta that is very popular with connoisseurs, but not well known in general. It is said that it originated in the Roman region and the word gnocchi is believed to come from the Italian word nocchio, meaning a knot in wood. While perhaps a surprise to some, gnocchi is indeed a member of the pasta family. Usually made with a mixture of durum wheat, soft wheat, cabbage dough or potatoes, these delicious little dumplings are first poached, then baked or pan-fried. There are many variations of gnocchi: cooked with egg, bread crumbs, corn flour or with cheese. What is certain is that it is an authentic Italian dish and, when well prepared, it is delicious and comforting. They are served with all kinds of sauces: tomato, meat, pesto, cream or cheese. Traditional or revisited, there is something for every palate.

In Montreal, we can’t complain about the vast gnocchi offerings across the city. Many restaurants offer this delicious pasta and revisit it in their own way, Italian or not. At Tastet, we love this dish that is both comforting and satisfying. We love the classic Italian version as much as the creative Quebec-style versions – we especially like the simplicity of hazelnut butter and sage sauce, with which it’s often served.

Here is our list of the best gnocchi in Montreal: we hope you’ll discover some great places and enjoy every last bite.

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pasta at luciano trattoria

Luciano Trattoria

La cucina semplice – simple cuisine – that’s how to describe the Luciano in a few words. A typical Italian trattoria located in Rosemont, the establishment transports you to Italy! Everything here is charming. Chef Luciano D’Orazio uses fresh ingredients from the market and perfects his menu with love. The menu features gnocchi di ricotta. The chef’s choice of ricotta was thoughtful in order to make the gnocchi lighter. The gnocchi is served with a delicious tomato, basil and Parmigiano sauce. The result is simple and delicious!
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Fiorellino – De La Gauchetière

Fiorellino is the perfect place to enjoy a dish with Italian flavors in a festive atmosphere and beautiful decor. Here, guests can enjoy some of the best gnocchi in Montreal. They make their gnocchi with the traditional potato based recipe. The homemade pomodoro sauce made with fresh produce is excellent. Simple and tasty. We order the gnocchi of the house without question on every visit.
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Restaurant Moccione villeray montreal

Restaurant Moccione

Moccione is a great little Italian restaurant in Villeray. Having opened in late 2018, the restaurant has quickly won over the hearts and palates of the neighborhood. With a concise and seasonal menu, everything is always tasteful, fresh and typically Italian. And finally, the gnocchi, we must say, are beautifully executed and delectable! A must try!
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The restaurant Marconi is living proof that Italians aren’t the only ones with the secret to creating great gnocchi. Here, chef Mehdi Brunet-Benkritly offers homemade gnocchi made with ricotta cheese – lighter and airier than potato-based gnocchi – with a different topping that changes seasonally. Currently, the dish is accompanied by Gaspesian lamb seasoned with black garlic. All of this is enjoyed in their beautiful and cozy space with a good cocktail.
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Graziella gives a very high importance to the harmony of the ingredients and the freshness of the products. Authenticity is the key word of the house and it can be found in each of the restaurant’s dishes. And the least we can say is that the gnocchi recipe has not been neglected by the Chef. The menu features ricotta and grana Padano gnocchi accompanied by Kamouraska braised lamb shoulder. Just talking about it makes our mouths water!
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Gatto Matto

Opened in September 2018, Gatto Matto is a very good Italian restaurant with beautiful decor. The festive restaurant serves an array of Italian classics and original dishes executed with flair. We particularly fell for their gnocchi. As a starter, they are served pan-fried with porcini mushrooms and smoked pancetta. For the main course, the gnocchi are served with crumbled sausage topped with a black truffle and butter sauce.
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A great Italian restaurant in Verdun, Rita has a frequently changing menu. There are always three pasta options, and so sometimes one of them will be a delicious gnocchi dish. At the time of writing, Rita’s is serving a plate of delicious, melt-in-your-mouth squash gnocchi, perfect for the fall season. While this particular dish is on the menu temporarily, one is always pleasantly surprised by the gnocchi at this address.
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Da Emma

A remarkable aspect of the restaurant industry in Montreal is when a restaurant has been around for many years, and continues to offer the same impeccable menu, ambiance and service. Da Emma is one of those places. Many international celebrities have eaten there. Da Emma offers a simple and delicious Italian menu in a room steeped in history and memories and with a very contemporary Roman feel. Succulent pasta, meat and fish dishes like Madame Emma knows how to make.
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