The Best Crema di Caffè in Montreal

Crema di caffè is a cool and creamy espresso-based treat that is often served as a dessert in restaurants. Although many Italian restaurants offer it on their menu, we have prepared a list of the best places to enjoy a crema di caffè in Montreal.

Not to be confused with a café crème, this Italian delight is eaten like an ice cream. How to prepare it? It’s quite simple. You prepare a coffee, add a little powdered sugar and let it cool in the refrigerator. Using an electric mixer, beat some crème fraîche with the cooled coffee. Place in the freezer until you get a smooth cream. You can also have fun adding a bit of extra flavour: some will add chocolate, others a few drops of maple syrup. We love the authentic Italian version!

In the summer, we often crave ice cream to cool down (check out our list of the best ice cream in Montreal here), but for coffee lovers, we strongly suggest that you opt for a crema di caffè—you won’t be disappointed!

Café Club Social

Café Club Social on Saint-Viateur Street opened its doors in 1982! They serve excellent coffee and the atmosphere is typical of Montreal’s Italian establishments. On the menu: paninis, a superb dessert counter, and all the possible variations of coffee. Their crema di caffè is exquisite! Authentic and sumptuous, just the way we like it.  

180 Rue Saint-Viateur Ouest

Bossa Masson

Just like BOSSA on Wellington Street, the address on Masson is a counter-épicerie. You’ll find a wide selection of Italian-style sandwiches, preserves, pastries and more. Although the place is known for its decadent sandwiches, Bossa is a must stop for a tasty and refreshing crema di caffè.  

3136 Rue Masson

Mano Figa

Mano Figa is the café of Mano Cornuto, an Italian restaurant in Griffintown. Inspired by the classic Italian caffès, you don’t come here to quietly sip an espresso. The little place is buzzing with activity: you almost have to shout to hear yourself talk, but that’s part of the charm of the place. And where there is an authentic Italian café, there is an authentic and perfect crema di caffè!  

990 Rue Ottawa

La Dispensa

Tucked away on William Street, Dispensa is a well-kept secret in the neighbourhood for lovers of Italian food and culture. Their crema di caffè is also a hidden treasure of Old Montreal. Enjoy it on the front bench on sunny days or inside in their cosy space.  

696 William Street


Campanelli café is a charming little address on Notre-Dame Street west; a classic space in Saint-Henri where you can enjoy good coffee and good cakes. And, of course, where you can savour a magnificent crema di caffè.  

4634 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

Café Vito

While they don’t always offer crema di caffè, Café Vito is still a great place to get it. Located in Villeray, this small café is a real gathering place in the neighbourhood that exudes comfort. The welcome is warm, and the products are tasty and authentic.

151 Rue Villeray

Café Olimpico

Le Café Olimpico existe depuis 1970. Ce Café de la rue St-Viateur est reconnu de tous, mais l’endroit sert bien plus que du café. Son succès vient de nombreux facteurs et compte, sans aucun doute, parmi les meilleurs cafés italiens à Montréal. Et leur crème de café est tout simplement parfaite! Café Olimpico est d’ailleurs l’un des premiers établissements de Montréal à offrir une crema di caffè. À déguster dans l’une de leurs 3 succursales : dans le Mile-End, dans le Vieux-Montréal ou bien au Centre-Ville.

124 Rue Saint-Viateur Ouest
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