The best bring your own wine restaurants on the South Shore

Meilleurs restaurants apportez votre vin de la rive-sud

What are the best bring your own wine restaurants on the South Shore?

BYOB, or Bring Your Own Wine – we Quebecers love it! Did you know that our list of the best bring your own wine restaurants in Montreal is one of the most read lists on the site?! The reason is simple, we like to be able to go to restaurants and eat well without spending a fortune. And on the South Shore, there is now a wide range of good places to bring your own wine.

The practice of “Bring Your Own Wine” (BYO) exists in many countries under the name of “Bring Your Own Bottle” (BYOB). This practice – also commonly referred to as bring your own wine – exists in many countries, and started in Quebec in the 1980s. A few merchants realized that there was a legal vacuum and they decided to allow customers to bring their own wine into their establishments. This resulted in a quick reinvigoration of their restaurants that greatly helped to increase their popularity. Today, bring your own wine is not what it used to be; they have evolved to the effervescent rhythm of the South Shore’s restaurant scene! You can now eat very well while bringing your own wine – hence this list of the best bring your own wine restaurants on the South Shore. Perfect for smaller budgets or just for the pleasure of drinking your favourite wine with a delicious restaurant meal, bring your own wine is a hit!

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Dur à Cuire

Dur à Cuire is definitely one of the best bring your own wine restaurants on the South Shore! At Dur à Cuire, the kitchen is open concept and plays a major role in the lively atmosphere of the place – if you want a quiet place to talk, you’ll want to wait for other suggestions. The restaurant offers friendly cuisine for about $45 to $50 per person including an appetizer and a main course, and the plates are generous and delicious. Needless to say, sharing is the order of the day here: we recommend that you order so that you can try everyone’s dishes. Warm decor and atmosphere, delicious, surprising, and generous food. This is one of our favourite places to bring your wine on the South Shore. photo Dur à Cuire

219 Rue Saint-Jean

Uni Sushi

Uni Sushi is one of the most popular bring your own wine restaurants on the South Shore. And it’s well deserved: the place offers great sushi, with fast and courteous service in a warm atmosphere. The little address offers options for a quick lunch, as well as a menu for the evening – everything is to eat in or take-out. On the menu: hors d’oeuvres, maki, sashimi, futomaki, hosomaki and the chef’s specialties. For great sushi with a bring your own wine option, Uni Sushi is a must try!

3918 Boulevard Taschereau

Shoji Sushi

Shoji Sushi offers delicious sushi to savour in a bring your own wine formula! Established for more than 10 years, the address offers sushi and some Japanese specialties in a warm and relaxed atmosphere. The Saint-Lambert address proposes a nice variety of Tartare or Grilled dishes, makis or house specialties. The address is slightly victim of its success: on Fridays and Saturdays, the service can be slow, but with a good bottle of wine and good company, we are not in a hurry. photo Shoji Sushi

2035 Avenue Victoria

La Carcasse

As the name suggests, La Carcasse offers a fine selection of meats (and more!) This bring your own wine restaurant is a very popular address in Saint-Constant, and the reason is simple: the restaurant offers a delicious and generous menu in a beautiful decor. While they have a few appetizers on the menu- tartares, salads, and more – it’s mainly for its meat dishes like the rack of lamb, the steak-frites, the Ribeye or the Filet mignon that we stop by. Note that for those who prefer fish, the address offers a fish of the day, a salmon tartare, as well as a pasta of the day. photo La Carcasse

277 Rue Saint Pierre

Zen Asia

Zen Asia is a very nice bring your own wine restaurant on the South Shore. With an Asian decor typical of many addresses in Montreal, the restaurant welcomes its customers in a chic and relaxed atmosphere. The address offers honest and good dishes. The menu includes salads, soups, makis and sushis as well as a few specialties of the house. The value is exceptional at Zen Asia: $25 for a soup, an appetizer, a main course, a dessert and a coffee. You come here to bring your bottle of wine and enjoy a quiet evening with friends or family. Photo Zen Asia

21 Rue du Prince Arthur

L’Ours Caverne Culinaire

This bring your own wine South Shore address offers popular Quebec classics with an Italian twist in a warm atmosphere. The decor at L’Ours Caverne Culinaire is reminiscent of a chic and cozy cottage: lots of wood, stones and dimmed lighting. On the menu they offer some appetizers, pastas and pizzas, as well as a large choice of meats and several hamburger options. The portions are generous and the spirit of the address is friendly. One comes here to savour a good meal with their bottle of wine of choice. photo L’Ours Caverne Culinaire

200 Rue Sainte-Marie
La Prairie

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