Paparmane: A Cotton Candy Pink Tea Salon by the Creators of Régine Café

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Régine and Janine Café owners, renowned for their decadent brunches (among the best in town!), have launched a new spot that’s already making waves on Instagram: Paparmane tea salon in Old Montreal.

Located on Notre-Dame Street, just steps away from the basilica, this vibrant address offers a festive and indulgent English tea experience in a stunning rococo decor where candy pink and velvet reign supreme. Louis XIV chairs, grand antique chandeliers, whimsical paintings; nothing has been spared to dazzle us.

Upon entering, guests are greeted by a small boutique section where they can purchase a selection of infusions, tea accessories, and gourmet products, including homemade pastries and pink “paparmanes” (old timey mint-flavoured candy, derived from the English word peppermint). Beyond the thick pink velvet curtains lies the magnificent tea salon with a cozy atmosphere, accommodating around fifty seats, including seven at the grand bar. Long pink velvet banquettes line two of the walls, while inviting tufted armchairs are arranged around low tables at the back of the room. It’s chic and quirky all at once.

The English tea experience at Paparmane is offered in four versions: classic, vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free*. Each option costs around fifty dollars per person and includes a tiered tray filled with savory and sweet bites – scones, sandwiches, canapés, petit fours, macarons, etc. – accompanied by a choice of infusion. The team has enlisted the expertise of tea sommelier Élyse Perreault, also known as Lady T, who has created a menu of around twenty teas and tisanes. Among them are some fine teas, such as Madame Butterfly (a hand-rolled green tea) and Oolong Houlala (an oolong with orchid notes), as well as house blends like Paparmane Rose herbal tea with Quebec wild berries, and Tiguidou, a black tea with lightly toasted notes sweetened with maple syrup. If you’re in a festive mood, you can also pair your tray with a glass of bubbly, a cocktail, or a signature mocktail.

A budget-friendly kids’ menu, the Little Treasures Tea, is also available, offering a choice of fun herbal teas (Bubble Gum, Cotton Candy, or Banana Sunshine). Our little taste tester devoured his cherry mini-doughnut and lemonade jelly LEGO block.

Tea service is available Wednesday to Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm. As the venue is already quite popular, it’s recommended to reserve in advance to secure your spot and inform the kitchen of your preferences and dietary restrictions. Group bookings for 8 to 12 people for birthdays or other celebrations are also possible.

With its colourful decor, fun menu, and superb selection of teas and tisanes, Paparmane definitely deserves a spot on our list of the best tea salons in Montreal. It’s a unique outing idea, whether for a family outing, a romantic rendezvous, or a gathering with friends!

*Due to the risk of cross-contamination in the kitchen, the gluten-free menu is not suitable for individuals with celiac disease or severe intolerances. Gluten-free and vegan menus are available by reservation only.

Photography by Mikael Lebleu

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