Sabayon: Patrice Demers’ new home in Pointe-Saint-Charles

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A little more than a year after closing their beloved pâtisserie, freshly returned from a couple month stint at restaurant Laundromat in Brooklyn, renowned chef Patrice Demers and his long-time partner in crime (and in life), sommelier Marie-Josée Beaudoin, have found a new home in Pointe-Saint-Charles: Sabayon. Launched in late 2023, this new venture has sparked waves of enthusiasm, thanks no doubt to the couple’s notoriety with discerning gastronomes.

A unique concept

What’s unique about Sabayon is that the team consists entirely of the two owners: Patrice, who ensures every guest’s gastronomic satisfaction from behind the counter, and Marie-Josée, who manages every aspect of the front-of-house, from wine and refreshments and tea to service, pampering the lucky patrons who managed to snag a reservation online.

In order for the couple to keep things manageable, there are only 14 seats available in the small dining room and the number of services is limited to three dinner services and two afternoon tea services each week, in addition to the few cooking classes offered by Patrice every month. Given this very limited availability, it’s no surprise that reservations, which open every first Wednesday of the month for the following month, sell out almost instantly.

Savoury AND sweet

At Sabayon, chef Patrice Demers shows the “savoury side” of his personality, as well as the “sweet” side we know and love. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights at 7 PM, Sabayon offers a single tasting menu, consisting of four savoury courses, two sweet courses, complete with amuse-bouches and petit fours.

This menu evolves with the seasons, and in every season, at least one dish changes on a weekly or biweekly basis. Delicious plates—such as Beef Cheek, beets, turnips, radicchio, or Grilled mushrooms, arlette, sabayon, celeriac—prepared with the meticulous care and unrestrained creativity well-known to the chef. You can opt for a food and wine pairing suggested by Sabayon or choose your poison of choice from the wine list curated by Marie-Josée.

On Friday and Saturday afternoons, Sabayon offers a delightful tea time; three dessert services prepared by Patrice enriched with a tea and dessert pairing concocted by his muse. A must-try: brioche, citrus, poppy seeds, vanilla whipped cream, and star anise.

A unique gem you should try at once!

Photography by Mikael Lebleu

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