The Best Butcher Shops for your next Barbecue

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Quebecers love all things grilled! Summer and winter alike, die-hard pitmasters will do anything to indulge in their fiery passion. So where are the best butchers to buy meat for barbecue season?

For them, and for the more casual barbecue chef, we’ve put together a list of Montréal butcher shops with a great selection for any grilling party. They all work hard to offer carefully prepared products of the highest quality. All you have to do is get the cuts home and fire up the BBQ. From skewers to steaks, sausages and more, the options are endless! 

In Europe, no errands are complete without a stop at the butcher. Here, in Canada, we tend to buy things in large quantities in grocery and big-box stores. Still, we’d all benefit from a more European mindset, since it’s synonymous with high quality products and more ethical consumption choices. Independent butchers work very closely with small local producers, who practice more sustainable farming. In the same way, butchers aim to use the entire animal, nose to tail. There’s no better to way to support the local economy and make ethical choices than by trusting your local butcher. 

Here are our favourite butcher shops that offer great cuts to put on the barbecue this summer.

Édouard et Léo

A brand new address of the butcher shop owned by the chef/owner of the restaurant Hoogan et Beaufort has just opened in Ahuntsic. The first Édouard et Léo butcher shop, located in the restaurant’s catering room, introduces its clientele to local producers and less popular cuts of meat, enough to surprise your guests around the barbecue! The expert butchers also offer chef’s recipes for preparing meat properly.

55 Rue Fleury Ouest

Boucherie la Petite-Patrie

Boucherie La Petite-Patrie opened in 2021 on Rue Beaubien Est. The trio behind the project shares a love of products made in Québec and responsible, zero-waste butchery. The service is impeccable and especially friendly. Get inspired by the sausages and cured meats prepared in-house and don’t be shy to ask the experts behind the counter for a few tips.

1330 Rue Beaubien Est

Pascal le boucher

Pascal le boucher in Villeray is an artisan butcher shop that offers proteins of the highest quality. Go there for beef, pork, lamb and free-range poultry in different cuts and marinades, as well as a great selection of artisanal cheeses. Shop employees are true experts and will always steer you in the right direction. They’ll be thrilled to help you achieve pitmaster status!

8113 Rue Saint-Denis

Aliments Viens

Philippe Viens and his team are dedicated to providing the city’s best tables with the best charcuteries. They also sell their superior products—from cuts of meat for the BBQ to delicious cold cuts—at Aliments Viens, their shop on Boulevard Saint-Laurent.

4556b Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Boucherie Lawrence

Boucherie Lawrence is another excellent Mile-End butcher shop that’s become a favourite of local carnivores. Behind the counters are high quality meats, as well as fine foods, cheeses, vegetables, alcohol and more.

5237 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Épicerie Conserva

Each and every product on the shelves of this charming gourmet shop in the Plaza Saint-Hubert is of the highest quality, from vegetables to cheeses, ready-to-eat meals, homemade pasta and alcohol. And the butcher counter is no exception. Order online and follow Conserva on social media so you don’t miss any of the new arrivals. 

6604 Rue Saint-Hubert

Provisions Boucherie

Located on Avenue Van Horne in Outremont, Boucherie Provisions is always in action, in and out of grilling season. Go there for fantastic gourmet sandwiches and the house cuts the shop was built on.

1142 Avenue Van Horne

Farhat Boucherie

Boucherie Farhat in Côte-des-Neiges, is a reference for all your grilling needs! While you’re there, grab a sensational sandwich at an even more sensational price!

5785 Chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges
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Photography by Alison Slattery

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