The Best Butcher Shops in Montreal: Our suggestions

Meilleures boucheries

What are the best butcher shops in Montreal? In our lives, we often need the precious advice of different professionals. We often think of doctors, pharmacists, financial advisors, but we more often than not forget the precious advice of bakers, sommeliers and of course, butchers. We must admit that without them, visitors would certainly be less impressed by what is on their plate and in their glass.

For meat lovers, it goes without saying that having a good butcher is paramount. It’s hard to make your way to steak and charcuterie heaven on your own without relying on their good recommendations. You may be wondering what kind of meat to choose or how to prepare and season it. It’s these variations that can make the difference between a good dinner and one that really hits the spot.

Every butcher attracts customers for different reasons. Sometimes it’s the quality of the meat or the variety of products offered that hooks us, other times it’s the friendliness of the place or the smile you find behind the counter that makes you fall in love with the store. It’s the details that bring you back to a specific butcher shop. Maybe it’s the one on the corner where you feel at home, or maybe you make a detour to the other end of the Island especially for one. 

The choice of good butcher shops in Montreal is endless, but there is certainly one that will suit you more than another. We’ve explored the world of filet mignon, ribs, rillettes and prosciutto to give you some suggestions. We also have suggestions of the best places to buy meat for the barbecue. Who knows, maybe one of these addresses will become your new favourite butcher shop!

Boucherie Édouard et Léo

Édouard est Léo butcher shop has set up shop in the catering space of the Hoogan and Beaufort restaurant. Run by Marc-André Jetté, chef-owner of the restaurant, the butcher shop presents popular cuts, known to all, but also educates customers on less common cuts. The team also shares recipes to help us prepare the meat like chefs. Édouard et Léo has just opened a second location in Ahuntsic.

3535 Rue de Rouen

Boucherie la Petite-Patrie

Boucherie La Petite-Patrie opened in 2021 on Beaubien Street East. The trio behind the project is passionate about Quebec products and the practice of responsible, waste-free butchery. The service is impeccable and very friendly. An excellent place to stop by to be inspired by the homemade products such as sausages and charcuterie, but also to take advantage of the expert advice behind the counter.

1330 Rue Beaubien Est

Boucherie Lawrence

Boucherie Lawrence is the third member of the trio with larrys and Lawrence. This one, located on Saint-Laurent Boulevard in the Mile End, deals directly with local farmers. It is the ideal place to discover new products, but also when you want a quality piece of meat, whether it is lamb, beef, pork, chicken, or other specialties.

5237 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Aliments Viens

Aliments Viens offers several charcuteries, available by the gram or kilogram. All the meats come from Quebec, from small farms that raise their animals with love.

4556b Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Provisions Boucherie

Provisions, a butcher shop and wine bar, is located in Outremont. It offers responsible and high quality meats. Its sandwiches are simply delectable, perfect to take-out.

1142 Avenue Van Horne

Épicerie Latina

Sure, it’s not called Boucherie Latina, but many of the grocer’s customers come here first for the meat. And for the hyper-professional butchers who impressively master their art. Impeccable cuts, ready-made or made-to-order portions and attentive service contribute to the customers’ pleasure.

185 Rue Saint-Viateur Ouest

Pascal le boucher

Opened in June 2016, Pascal le Boucher has become a staple butcher shop in Villeray. As Pascal says, “eat less meat, but choose it better”! Its mission, it is clear, is obviously to sell excellent quality meat, but also to minimize losses as much as possible. At Pascal le Boucher, the diversity is great. Here you can find beef, pork, lamb, pastured poultry in various cuts, plain or marinated, as well as a fine selection of farm cheeses, farm milk and yogurt, stocks and broths, game (bison, red deer, wild boar, etc.) and fine charcuterie (hams, bacon, sandwich meats, cretons, terrines, rillettes, foie gras, sausages).

8113 Rue Saint-Denis
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Photography by Alison Slattery

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