Scones: where to enjoy these British delicacies in Montreal?

Published on September 08, 2021

Scones are a British favourite. They’re small baked goods of Scottish origin and are traditionally served with Five O’Clock Tea. In Montreal, this sweet hybrid between a cookie and a cake is slowly making its way from tea rooms to rub shoulders with muffins and cookies in the cafes across the city.

The scone was originally named after the “Stone of Destiny” used in coronation ceremonies in the UK. It was a certain Edward I of England, towards the end of the 13th century, who stole the stone from the town of Scone to include in the construction of his throne.

Sometimes savoury, sometimes sweet, scones can be enjoyed in the afternoon with a cup of tea, in the morning in a bakery or as an accompaniment to a gourmet brunch. They are eaten while still warm, with clotted cream – Devonshire Cream in the UK – and an assortment of jams. Traditionally, the cream is placed on top of the scone first and then topped with a fruit jam.

Now that we’ve made your mouth water, we’ve come up with our list of the best places to enjoy these fine delights in Montreal. Whether classic or flavoured, tea room or decadent breakfast joint; this list of the best scones in town guarantees you’ll find the perfect place to satisfy your craving for this British pastry!

To continue your immersion in English culture, we recommend our list of the best tea rooms in Montreal and the best English restaurants in town!

This is not a list of all addresses serving scones, but rather the addresses that serve our favourites.

As the saying goes, “A scone a day keeps the doctor away”! Or something like that…

Hof Kelsten

As a bakery, pastry shop and purveyor of delicious baked goods, Hof Kelsten ranks among the best in town. So it seems only natural to find some of the best scones in Montreal at this charming bakery on St. Laurent Boulevard. Hof Kelsten’s scones have gained popularity not only in the bakery itself, but also in a few other cafes around town, sourcing their scones from the kitchens of this exceptional establishment.
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Patrice Pâtissier

Another major player in Montreal’s pastry scene, Patrice Pâtissier has democratized the world of high-end pastries with his fine creations. His simply delicious treats are available to customers at more than affordable prices. Behind his shop windows, between kouing amann and maple financier, cookies and cannelés, are delicious scones that make the perfect accompaniment to a coffee, tea, or morning snack.
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Le Butterblume

Butterblume excels in comfort food and heart-warming dishes. In cold weather, it’s all about small, well-made plates; in summer, the focus is on savouring small, light delights with local produce. At the Butterblume counter, you’ll find a few varieties of scones, often a plain and a savoury one. Their plain scones are accompanied by butter and an excellent homemade jam. A real treat.
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Le pain dans les voiles

Another renowned bakery on the island of Montreal, Le Pain dans les Voiles has been making all kinds of breads and pastries for its customers for almost 10 years. Winners of a series of awards in the baking world, François Tardif and Martin Falardeau also deliver an excellent scone recipe, which is best enjoyed with tea or coffee.
café elsdale meilleurs pancakes

Le Elsdale

Café Elsdale is known for its friendly charm and atmosphere, welcoming workers, students and simple epicureans alike. In fact, the cafe is more of a restaurant, serving simple but much appreciated plates, and then transforming into a lovely bar in the evening. In the morning, Café Elsdale serves their excellent small scones to start the day off right.


Lou’s regulars know this address primarily for its on-the-go dishes and offerings, making it possible to have a good meal in no time. While we love the savoury plates, the sweet options here remain a favourite with regulars. Freshly baked scones await you at this charming address.
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Pikolo Espresso Bar

To try Pikolo is to adopt it; the cafe knows how to charm. The small size of the space is what gives it its name – piccolo means small in Italian – a tiny space that is no less friendly, perhaps even more so because of its size. It also happens to be one of the most beautiful cafes in Montreal. We come here to taste the abundance of choices in terms of coffees, who source their beans from Phil & Sebastian and 49th Parallel. However, this time it’s their delicious classic scone that deserves mention, delivered directly from the kitchens of Hof Kelsten.
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Café Névé

Open since 2009 on the Plateau Mont-Royal, Café Névé serves excellent third wave coffee in a simple and warm space. Very popular with students and self-employed workers, the establishment offers a few sandwiches and salads, as well as its famous chocolate chip cookie. Its scones are equally worth the visit, with several interesting flavours. Café Névé now has several locations, including one on Saint-Viateur Street East and another on Mont-Royal Avenue East.


People have always lined up for hours to have brunch at this charming little restaurant in Mile End. The brunches at Lawrence are savoured in a decor with an English flair and warm and courteous service. A favourite is the classic scone served with jam and clotted cream (it is also on the menu of their little brother restaurant, Larry’s, next door).
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Le Parloir

One of the most adorable places to have tea! The owner dreamed of opening a tea room. In 2010, Sylvie Marchand realized her dream: she opened the small tea room Le Parloir. It is so welcoming and comforting that you feel as though you’re in a friend’s home. Everything has its place; some flowers, and decor that balances a modern feel with elements reminiscent of the 17th century. The place is absolutely charming. We love going there, especially to accompany our tea with a delicious scone. A warm place, all in simplicity.
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Salon The Gryphon D’or

At the Gryphon d’Or Tearoom, you will have a wonderful and comforting visit. Here, you can enjoy their tea service in a welcoming space. The decor is simple, the service is friendly and the atmosphere is relaxed. The address serves freshly baked scones served hot with butter. As a side dish, the house offers cream, raspberry jam and a choice of lemon curd, dark caramel or peach and whiskey marmalade. Tea service is available daily, but you must reserve at least 24 hours in advance.

Pâtisserie Rhubarbe

This little pastry shop is one of our favourites in town. Lovers of sweets and delicious delicacies are sure to be satisfied here. The service is attentive and the dishes are well done. The house offers a delicious cranberry scone, but the favourite is definitely the cheese scone. All the products are quite exceptional. We recommend making a reservation for tea time.

MELK – Stanley

MELK is a very charming establishment that qualifies as a cafe bar, and while little known, it’s on our list of the most beautiful cafes in Montreal! Here, you can drink a very good latte, perfect to have in hand while strolling downtown or to enjoy in house while relaxing between destinations. Their scones are well executed and deserve a mention here. This place is worth a visit on your next trip downtown. MELK cafe has a second location in Monkland Village, just a few minutes walk from the Villa-Maria metro.
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Located just steps away from the McGill University campus, the Humble Lion Cafe is always bustling with activity. Many students drop in to complete their assignments and readings, while many employees from adjacent offices stop by for a coffee and pastry. Inside the narrow space, the Humble Lion team serves one of the best scones in town, from Hof Kelsten. Perfect for a well-deserved break!
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Le Brûloir

Le Brûloir is best known for its delicious coffee and friendly atmosphere. The small space is both airy and familiar, dressed all in white and ceramic, with antique furniture and lampshades that cast a warm light. In this inviting decor, enjoying a coffee and a scone becomes a staple.

Scones: where to enjoy these British delicacies in Montreal?

Many will recognize the logo from Paquebot cafe: a small folded paper boat that means good coffee. Like any good cafe, Paquebot makes sure to serve delicious pastries to match its hot drinks. Enter again the scone, which here is one of the best in town.
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Soupesoup takes its name from the dish that made it popular. The very good soups are complemented by sandwiches, salads, chilis and other delicious dishes. In the dessert section you’ll find their scones that delight guests at every visit, while surprising them with the frequently changing flavours.

Dinette Nationale

La Dinette Nationale is an artisanal confectionery that opened in late 2014 on Gilford Street in the heart of the Plateau Mont-Royal. The charming neighbourhood address offers coffee and sweets to savour on the spot or to take-out, including delicious homemade caramel products. We love their cookies, financiers, shortbread, cannelés and slices of cake. We especially like their wonderful leek-gruyère scones and those with pear-ginger jam! A little gem of the Plateau to discover.
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