Where to Drink Wine in Quebec City: Our suggestions

Where to drink wine in Quebec City? Our suggestions

From large and famous addresses to smaller establishments, Quebec City is full of delicious places where you can have a nice drink as an apéritif or several until late into the night. We don’t know about you, but at Tastet, we’re big wine drinkers! We are easily bewitched by this grown-up grape juice and we are always on the lookout for small addresses that serve big or small bottles.

Depending on the mood of the evening, we drink wine by the glass or by the bottle, but one thing is for certain: we love to discover delicious small bites to accompany our wine! In this type of establishment, the food menu is usually designed to highlight the excellence of the wines served.

Everyone knows that flavour and colour are not debatable. This is a good thing, because the establishments on this list offer a wide range of wines of all kinds. Whether you’re a specialist of fine wines, a wine lover or just curious about natural and organic wines, there’s something for everyone to enjoy an evening of good drinking in good company. The fine addresses in Quebec City offer a wide selection of red, white and orange wines, as well as a good choice of bubbles. We have also thought of the lovers of organic, natural and biodynamic wines since many restaurants in this list swear by them!

In this list of the best places to drink wine in Quebec City, you will find addresses where you can uncork a good bottle of wine from small local producers as well as from great producers from the four corners of the world.

If you’re in the mood for a beer, check out our suggestions for places to drink beer in Quebec City.

This is not an exhaustive list of all the good places to drink wine in Quebec City, but our list of favourite places to go! Cheers!

Buvette Scott

Located in the heart of the Faubourg Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Buvette Scott was quickly adopted by the locals who made this place their favourite neighbourhood resto-bar for all occasions. The buvette is the ideal place to spend a relaxed evening in a warm atmosphere. Here, you can let yourself be carried away by the turntables and intoxicated by the good wine and the delicious small bites. We discover a very nice wine list designed by Dave St-Yves. With his vast knowledge acquired from his time at the SAQ over the past 10 years, Dave has discovered some wonderful wines for connoisseurs AND amateurs!

821 Rue Scott

Le Kraken Cru

Kraken Cru is one of our favourite restaurants in Quebec City and definitely a staple in the city! In a mini restaurant with a bar atmosphere, we drink delicious wines and savour exceptional seafood dishes. Philippe’s superb wine list includes 2 reds, 20 whites and a dozen bubbles – mainly certified organic, biodynamic or natural wines. The wine offer is even more appreciated in the festive atmosphere where the passion of the team becomes inevitably contagious and everything goes very well with the dishes. Note that there is also a very nice selection of wines. Note that the associated restaurants L’Albacore, Ketchose, L’Affaire est Ketchup and Patente&machin also offer a great selection of wines in their establishments.

190 Rue Saint-Vallier Ouest

Le Clocher Penché

Le Clocher Penché is a friendly bistro where you can enjoy delicious food made with local ingredients. It is Thomas Pelissier, assisted by Marc Lamarre, awarded the laurels for the best sommelier of the year, who has curated a solid wine list. We find very beautiful bottles from the Rhone Valley to the Iberian Peninsula to Italy, which pair perfectly with their market cuisine. We love this place!

203 Rue Saint-Joseph Est

Le Cendrillon

Located in the heart of Limoilou, Le Cendrillon offers its clientele a place to have a drink in the same friendly atmosphere. Whether before the meal, for the aperitif, during, and after, to conclude the evening, the wine list built by the sommelier Joffrey Beaulieu impresses and inspires you to return. At Le Cendrillon, you’ll be sure to spend an unpretentious evening in an inviting and festive atmosphere.

1039 3e Avenue
Québec City

Le Renard et la Chouette

“We will hunt together,” said the owl. “And we’ll have lunch together,” concludes the fox. This neighbourhood bar is meant to be a great place to eat that people in the St. Sauveur neighbourhood can get to without too much hassle. The wine list is curated by co-owner Thania and sommelier Laurence Ouellette, who work mainly with private imports. Interesting and affordable, the wines offered are well thought out to accompany the menu.

638 Rue Saint-Vallier Ouest
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