Healthy meal delivery for on-the-go lunches

Last update on June 03, 2021
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Healthy meal delivery for on-the-go lunches

It’s now been a number of weeks since our daily lives were turned upside down and we’ve been trying to find a new balance.

For people who are able to continue working from home, it often isn’t easy to juggle household chores, a makeshift office and for some of us, a family life.  In these times, the separation of work and home can be difficult to manage.  So to give you a little help and in partnership with DoorDash food delivery, we can offer a few suggestions for healthy meals to be delivered to your home. Your favourite restaurants are now coming to you, thanks to DoorDash!

After choosing from the many addresses on the DoorDash App, their delivery system takes care of the rest. You can continue your work with no worries while waiting for your meal!  And it’s now also possible to place your orders via our website: the option “Order with DoorDash” has been added to the postings on delivery service partners. (Yay!)

The choices go way beyond the boring salad as we know it and include some delicious, healthy and balanced dishes for a boost of energy to keep you going during your workday. Pokés, vegetable bowls, soups and many other gourmet dishes are just some of the available from these chosen restaurants that we know are delicious and reliable.

For other suggestions of places offering delivery or take-out, look through our list of restaurants open for take-out during this quarantine.  And don’t forget our list of comfort food restaurants working with DoorDash. They can go a long way towards fulfilling any quarantine cravings for gourmet meals.

Marusan Comptoir Japonais

Located in Old Montreal, Marusan is one of the city’s best Japanese restaurants. Under normal circumstances, it is often the go-to place for neighbourhood professionals looking for Japanese gourmet food that is both fast and affordable. Marusan is now offering the same menu via delivery service. For example, when you order Donburi, expect your favourite Japanese traditional dish of a large bowl of rice served with your favourite ingredients.
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Épicerie Sue

Looking for a good Banh Mi? You’re sure to find it at Sue’s Grocery Store. Always on the menu is the Banh Mi with pork “char-siu”, the signature dish at Sue’s. Try this once and you’ll probably order it again next time. What makes the dishes at Sue’s Grocery Store so tasty is the quality of the fresh ingredients. This is because everything here is homemade – nothing is frozen.
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Ok Poké

At Ok Poké, the main goal is to serve food that is always made with the best of fresh ingredients. This is the place that allows you to put together your own poké. So after choosing your basics and favourite protein like marinated tofu, shrimp, salmon or tuna, you can add all sorts of fresh condiments for all the nutrients you want in a meal.
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Aux Vivres

Aux Vivres is a true Montreal institution that has revolutionized the city’s vegan food scene. The team is committed to serving Montrealers with the best ingredients and flavours available. Their menu is a delightful mix of culinary influences, flavours and colours from around the world.  One of our favourites is the Dragon Bowl that offers everything needed for a great balanced meal.
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Le Petit Sao

Le Petit Sao – Verdun

This is where tradition and modernity merge, thanks to the creativity of the co-owner who successfully reinvents Vietnamese classics. Le Petit Sao lists a beautiful variety of delicious dishes at low prices with several vegetarian options, as well as authentic Vietnamese dishes, and they all include delicate and colourful touches. We order for delivery their tasty Pho soup, a healthy source of comfort.
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