Bangluck: Thai Noodles on the Plateau

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From April 28th 2024, the Plateau-Mont-Royal is now home to a must-visit destination for lovers of authentic Thai cuisine: Bangluck. Led by a passionate couple, Chita and Nim, this restaurant promises a true immersion into the flavors of Thai street food.

For Chita and Nim (Thammada, Pichai), their passion for Thai cuisine is not new. Nim, originally from Thailand, has been living in Montreal for over seven years. As for Chita, he was born in Laos and raised in Montreal. Their love for Thailand has led them to regularly travel there, making one to two round trips per year. With each return from these trips, they found themselves still searching for authentic dishes representing true Thai street cuisine, which were lacking in the Montreal culinary scene. Thus, Bangluck was born, aiming to fill this gap and offer a truly authentic Thai culinary experience.

Unlike the usual expectations of dishes such as pad Thai and egg rolls, Chita and Nim focus on the diversity and authenticity of Thai street cuisine. “We want to show that it’s a much more varied cuisine than what we’re used to finding here in Quebec and emphasize iconic dishes that we love to eat there,” the couple emphasizes. Together, they have created an experience where each dish tells a story, inspired by the flavors and traditions of Thailand. Among the menu highlights, one can savor the Tom Yum noodle soup, a spicy and tangy Thai specialty featuring a broth made with chicken, minced pork, fried pork rinds, and fish balls, among other ingredients. We were delighted by the braised beef noodles, simmered for over 24 hours and flavored with anise and lemongrass.

Prices may seem slightly higher than those found in many Thai restaurants in Montreal, but this is more than justified by the freshness of the ingredients, the techniques employed, and above all, the fact that everything is homemade.

In addition to the culinary experience, Bangluck also offers a grocery section where customers can find a selection of snacks and typically Thai products brought back by Chita and Nim from their travels to Thailand. It’s an opportunity to bring a piece of Thailand home!

Nim wanted to create a modern and minimalist decor, inspired by the noodle shops of Thailand where wood is omnipresent. For Bangluck, they incorporated this touch of wood, but with a much lighter shade to maintain the brightness of the room. With its 24 seats, the restaurant offers a warm and friendly atmosphere, ideal for lingering. Whether you’re a seasoned Thai cuisine enthusiast or simply curious to explore new flavors, Bangluck promises a charming experience.

Happy discovery!

Photography by Alison Slattery

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