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Best Restaurants of Saint-Henri: our suggestions

Update 24 January 2020   |    Published on 15 May 2019

Best Restaurants of Saint-Henri : our suggestions

For many reasons, Saint-Henri is a very well loved neighbourhood of Montreal. Here at Tastet, we love it primarily for it’s abundance of great restaurants, cafés, bars and eateries.

Located in the southwest region of the city, Saint-Henri is a diverse, vibrant and historically rich area. The neighbourhood was often formerly referred to as the ‘Tanneries‘, as it was once a hotspot for artisanal leather tanning. Aside from leather tanning, it was also considered a generally hard working and industrial area of the city. However, along with the rest of Montreal, the years have brought major developments upon the population demographic, architecture, and social culture in the Saint-Henri area. The Lachine canal is a focal point of the area, and makes for a perfect setting to sit down, relax in the sunshine, and maybe enjoy a picnic with some friends. If not, you might find yourself at the Atwater market which is just on bank of the canal, or admiring the beautiful churches that are spotted throughout the region.

Regardless of what brought you to the area, the abundance of culinary gems will be what keeps you coming back. A highlight of the dramatic development of Saint-Henri is the increase in gourmet services, primarily in the form of amazing restaurants. This area is home to some of the absolute best restaurants in this wonderful city, and we are so lucky to get to reap the benefits!

Luckily for you, we have compiled this list of the best restaurants of Saint-Henri with the hopes of making your Montreal adventures a little more exciting, and a lot more delicious. If you are looking for more recommendations outside of this neighbourhood, check out our list of the best restaurants in Pointe-Saint-Charles, or try geo-tagging yourself on our customized gourmet map!

Without further ado, here is our list of the best restaurants of Saint-Henri!

If you feel like we have missed a great address on this list, please let us know at [email protected] We are constantly updating our lists.

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2360 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montréal, QC, Canada

This little gem is a great pastry and sandwich counter right on rue Notre-Dame Ouest. This part of Notre-Dame could also be included in the Little Burgundy neighbourhood. Regardless of if you have a sweet tooth or a savoury tooth, Patrice Pâtissier is an address that should make it into your repertoire. The stylish but simple interior makes it easy to spend some time here, and the delicious treats they sell will bring you back time and time again!

Joe Beef

2491 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montréal, QC, Canada

Joe Beef is one of the top restaurants in Montreal (and in Canada), and it is certainly for a reason. This icon of Canadian dining is tucked away on rue Notre-Dame Ouest, right at the start of Little Burgundy, and serves as the perfect venue to commemorate a special celebration, or just treat yourself to gourmet, decadent and delicious French Canadian inspired food.

2519 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montréal, QC, Canada

Vin Papillon, another offspring of the Joe Beef family, is a fantastic wine bar on rue Notre-Dame Ouest, right next to Joe Beef. This adress is tailor made to host lazy summer evenings, with a beautiful patio, organic decor and of course, great wine and food. The menu is reflective of the Joe Beef family in terms of flare and flavour, but Vin Papillon offers a more light and fun wine bar vibe where you can drink a glass of great wine and try some small & fresh plates.

2501 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montreal, QC, Canada

Liverpool House is, again, a restaurant owned by the Joe Beef family. This restaurant embraces the initial idea that it is meant for anyone who can’t dine at Joe Beef, however it has since blossomed into a fantastic venue in it’s own right. With a more family friendly and inviting atmosphere than Joe Beef, Liverpool should certainly be added to your list of must-try addresses in the city.

Atwater Cocktail Club 

512 Avenue Atwater, Montréal, QC, Canada

Atwater Cocktail Club is a very atmospheric hide-away, tucked in behind Foiegwa restaurant. There is no signage on the bar, so you will need to know where it is before hand. This bar is stylish and cozy, with a large black and white marble bar-top, hardwood floors and pink sofas. They serve great cocktails and a condensed version of the amazing Foiegwa menu!

3721 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montréal, QC, Canada

This festive, vibrant and delicious restaurant is one of our favourite places to spend a fun and relaxed afternoon or evening. Especially in the winter time, the brightly coloured decor and flavourful Pan-Asian cuisine will transport you away from Quebec for the evening. The menu reflects many unique cultures and flavours, as well as the family roots of the owners!

4629 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montréal, QC, Canada

Obviously, to honour one of the greatest culinary inventions, we had to include a pizza restaurant on this list! Adamo Pizzeria is our favourite pizza joint in Saint-Henri, and it is certainly the place to go if you are in need of an authentic New York slice. This casual and welcoming restaurant features exposed brick, wood panelled walls and classic New York pizzeria colours. We like it a lot!

5090 rue Notre-Dame Ouest

Elena opened its doors in February 2018, and quickly became a celebrated address in the Saint-Henri neighbourhood. By the same owners as Nora Gray, Elena takes a well deserved place in our list of the best Italian restaurants in Montreal. There, you can eat amazing homemade pasta and tasty, crunchy and naturally leavened pizza! Of course, accompany your meal with a glass (or bottle) of great natural wine. This place is a real crush of ours in Saint-Henri!

1 Rue d'Yamaska, Montreal, QC, Canada

Just around the back of Elena is their coffee counter called Club Social PS. Since “coffee pizza wine” is the motto at both of these spaces, Club Social PS focuses a bit more on the “coffee” part. It’s a great hangout place with an amazing terrasse during the sunny season! You can eat tasty al taglio pizza, homemade Italian pastries and drink coffee and wine until 5 pm, and after that, salads and pizzas are available from Elena’s kitchen. A must in the neighbourhood!

4606 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montréal, QC, Canada

Córdova Café is a new restaurant-bar-café in the Saint-Henri neighbourhood, and we love it for it’s Spanish inspired menu, great beverages and charming decor. Regardless of time of day, Córdova is equipped to satisfy your cravings, whether that is in the form of your daily caffein dose, delicious food, or a great cocktail.

4609 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montréal, QC, Canada

The Dalla Rose Crèmerie is on our list of the best ice creams in Montreal, and is not a stop to be missed on your summer bucket list. Picture the neighbourhood ice cream shop from your childhood, only with more gourmet flavours, more vegan options, and very high quality local ingredients. We especially love their special ice cream sandwiches!

Bar Loïc

5001 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montréal, QC, Canada

Bar Loïc is the superb building right on the corner of Notre-Dame W and Saint-Rémi. Loïc is a great gourmet bar with a small, yet very good wine list and great food. The chef Liam Barron was a former Joe Beef and Liverpool house cook and the food goes up to expectations of what great bar food should be. To have a fun time with friends, eat and drink very well, Bar Loïc is definitely the place!

4621 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montréal, QC, Canada

Arthurs Nosh Bar is a very stylish diner in Saint-Henri, specializing in delicious and decadent adaptations of traditional Jewish and Eastern European ‘Nosh’ food. The feeling of family is present in every aspect of this establishment, and the friendly and uplifting decor makes it particularity easy to stick around for a while. The pancakes are to die for. We love it!

Torteria Lupita

4601 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montréal, QC H4C 1S5, Canada

Torteria Lupita is a top contender for best Mexican inspired restaurant in Saint-Henri! This quaint and casual family shop specializes in Mexican tortas and floutas, and the flavours are just a bright as the decor! Lupita is usually quite busy, but the traffic only adds to the vibrant atmosphere.

4662 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

We love Tuck Shop! This restaurant opened its doors in 2010, but received a major facelift at the beginning of 2019. Tuck Shop is the restaurant you want to come to if you’re looking to enjoy a great tasting meal in a chic and modern environment. The menu is centred around the ‘farm to table’ concept, so each dish is as fresh and local as possible!

5524 Saint-Patrick Street, Montreal, QC, Canada #200

A little extra : Mckiernan Luncheonette is the newest addition to the Joe Beef, Maison Publique and Liverpool House family, and we love it just as much as it’s predecessors. Nestled closely beside the canal, this serves a great lunch menu (as well as a dinner menu on Thursdays and Fridays), where you can enjoy the neighbourhood to it’s fullest. The casual and friendly vibe of the restaurants allows the remarkable food to be enjoyed by everybody. We highly suggest checking out this restaurant.

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