Great restaurants where you can eat gluten-free

Where to eat well & gluten-free in Montreal

More and more people are eating gluten-free, either by choice or by obligation. The last few years have given rise to a multitude of alternatives. From innovative solutions to a simple return to the use of certain less commonly used grains, the options are multiplying. And so are the restaurants, to our great delight.

More and more, restaurants know how to accommodate this allergen that has become so prevalent in our society. If you have an intolerance, or choose to eat gluten-free, it is quite easy to find good restaurants willing to modify certain dishes (unfortunately for celiacs, this is a bit more complicated). We suggest you select restaurants with seasonal menus; these tend to focus on vegetable dishes!

A few special mentions for restaurants not yet listed on our site, but offering interesting alternatives for this diet.

L’Artisan — Délices sans gluten et sans lait7700 rue St-Hubert

Certified gluten-free (and dairy-free) bakery and pastry shop, their offerings are sure to satisfy. Here we find both sweet and savoury dishes. We’re in love with their pastries; you can find great classics such as the millefeuille, the chocolate éclair and the macaron, in addition to chocolatines and almond croissants. For your next reception, you can also order one of their cakes. A must!

Nil Bleu — 3706 Saint Denis Street

Nil Bleu is an Ethiopian restaurant that serves traditional dishes that are enjoyed with injera, a kind of flatbread made from teff flour. They offer both a tasting menu for carnivores and vegetarians. The dishes are served directly atop a large injera, and are eaten without utensils, but rather with smaller rolled injeras.

Cookie Stéfanie — 272 Saint-Jacques Street West

Cookie Stéfanie offers much more than just cookies (although they are delicious). You’ll find salads, bowls, toast and even grilled cheese.

Crêperie du Marché — 7070 Ave. Henri-Julien (in the heart of the Jean-Talon market)

Feeling hungry while shopping at Jean-Talon Market? Stop for a good Breton crepe—sweet or savoury—made with buckwheat flour.

Here’s our complete list of good address that offer tasty gluten-free alternatives!


Arepas are small, grilled, and stuffed corn bread sandwiches, and are staples in Venezuelan and Colombian cuisine. Plus, they are 100% traditionally gluten-free. They come with a variety of delicious fillings: chicken, pulled pork, vegetarian, vegan, fish and more. The menu also includes many other items such as empanadas, plantains and chicharrones. Plus, they also have a great tropical cocktail menu!  

73 Rue Prince-Arthur Est


Le Bloomfield has just opened its doors on Van Horne Street and the new restaurant of Caroline Dumas (the beloved founder of SoupeSoup restaurants) offers a friendly and affordable formula, to savour on the spot or to take-out. The menu is healthy and delicious with a small selection of gluten-free dishes prepared with love. “I only put dishes on the menu that I love to eat. I created the restaurant I wish I had on my corner!”

1199 Avenue Van Horne

Tran Cantine

Tran Cantine is a small Vietnamese restaurant that opened in June 2017 on Notre-Dame Street West. A few years later, they also opened L’Épicerie Tran in Mile-Ex. Here you can enjoy excellent, high-quality Vietnamese specialties at fair prices. Vietnamese cuisine uses very little food containing wheat. You will find a multitude of options, each as delicious as the next.  

4690 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

Aux Vivres

Aux Vivres offers a delicious vegetarian menu with many healthy, delicious, and, of course, gluten-free options. Here, you’ll find non-GMO food, with lots of fruits, vegetables and grains, with food sourced as locally and organically as possible. The place is open 7 days a week and some locations have take-out counters.

4631 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Lola Rosa

Lola Rosa has three locations, each with its own menu and concept. The Milton Street location has a bistro-canteen, the Quartier des Spectacles location has a brasserie-lounge, and the Park Avenue location has a brunch and wine bar. All three establishments are vegetarian. Although the menus are not 100% gluten-free, they offer nice alternatives and the team treats all allergies and preferences seriously. They also have a legend on the menus to help guide special diets!  

545 Rue Milton

Venice MTL

Venice MTL are very colourful and healthy California-inspired restaurants. The establishments serve soups, salads, tartines, tacos and some of the best pokes around! On the menu are many gluten-free options including Thai red curry soup, abbott and kinney salad, roasted vegetable salad, tofu and tuna pokés, and their falafel, pescado and camarones tacos. To top it all of, they also offer decadent gluten-free desserts.

440 Rue Saint-François-Xavier

Régine Café

For the past few years, Régine Café has been offering delicious breakfasts. Régine is the queen of brunches! In a bright and charming space, we come here to be pampered and savour delicious breakfasts. The house offers a few gluten-free options and many dishes can be modified to be gluten-free. An address that is sure to charm every time!

1840 Rue Beaubien Est

Tapi Go !

Tapi Go! is a charming little gluten-free Brazilian restaurant on St. Laurent Boulevard that serves tasty tapioca crepes — a Brazilian street food specialty — and acai berry bowls.

4057 Boulevard Saint-Laurent
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