The best zeppoles in Montreal: Where to find them?

meilleurs zeppole à montréal

Zeppoles are traditional Italian pastries traditionally eaten on March 19, St. Joseph’s Day. For the uninitiated, they are doughnuts generally filled with custard and sprinkled with powdered sugar. However, the filling may vary depending on the inspiration of the moment and the pastry shop. Italy is getting ready for St. Joseph’s Day and the traditional pastries are starting to appear across the city. Although an ocean separates us, several good restaurants in Montreal are also getting ready to celebrate this tradition by making delicious zeppoles to the delight of their customers.

The Italian diaspora is well represented in Quebec and we know how proud the Italians are to promote their country’s cuisine! We’re not complaining; Montreal’s Italian restaurants add a lot of color and authenticity to the local gastronomic scene. Little Italy is full of cafes, restaurants and pastry shops, but there are many other great Italian places all over the island. As St. Joseph’s Day approaches, many Montreal establishments make some of the best zeppole in town. While some places offer them all year long, others wait until this time of year to make these little delicacies to mark the occasion. Savour them with a coffee, after a pizza, or simply as a snack, any reason is the right reason to pick up some delicious zeppoles. Try them, we’re sure you’ll love them! And maybe, like in Italy, March 19 will become a date to circle on your calendar every year.

Here is a list of addresses where you can enjoy the best zeppoles in Montreal. As these pastries are made for a special occasion, not all locations offer them year-round. We recommend checking in for availability before you go.

To discover other gourmet addresses related to this article, we invite you to consult the following lists.

Happy St. Joseph’s Day and enjoy your zeppoles!


This pasticceria on Dante Street has been open since 1968. The secret of its longevity lies in their delicious pastries. Like any good Italian pastry shop, the zeppoles will be front and center to mark St. Joseph’s Day.

277 Rue Dante

Clarke Café

Clarke Café proudly represents Italy in the neighbourhood of Pointe-Saint-Charles. Here, they serve excellent sandwiches, good coffee, and delicious pastries. The zeppoles are very popular and this is a good opportunity to try them. They are usually available from late February to late April.

2483 Rue Centre

La Cornetteria

When it comes to Italian pastries, La Cornetteria is a staple address in town. The owners have a mission to uphold Italian culinary traditions, and so it’s no surprise to find La Cornetteria in this list. Their zeppoles are amazing!

6528 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Café San Gennaro

San Gennaro is well known for their delicious pizzas, but also for the sweet desserts that accompany them. Their bomboloni are well known to Italian donut lovers. The house plans to make zeppoles to celebrate St. Joseph’s Day. They are available from now until Easter.

69 Rue Saint-Zotique Est


The residents of Verdun will be happy to find delicious zeppoles at Rita, a very nice address in the area.

3681 Rue Wellington


The staple address on the plateau makes some of the best donuts in town. Their zeppole will be available on March 19th and 20th only!

2202 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est


This delicious Italian restaurant in the Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie neighbourhood will be making zeppoles on March 19th and 20th. You have to order in advance, and they sell out quickly!

6672 Avenue Papineau

Photography by Mano Cornuto


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