The Best Spanish Restaurants in Montreal

Meilleurs restaurants espagnols

Ah, Spanish cuisine! The diversity of Spain’s regions and soils greatly influences the gastronomy of the country. This is influenced by its various conquests as well as the differing characteristics in the geography. A bit like the Spanish restaurants on this list, each region has its own specialties: from the coastal to the mountainous cities, the cuisine is quite varied. Tapas (small dishes to share) and paella (a specialty rice dish made with chicken, seafood and saffron) are well-known Spanish specialties, popular both inside and outside the country.

In Spanish restaurants, tapas (small dishes to share) and paella (Spanish specialty made of rice) are served, which remain the most popular in Spain and outside the country, but also meat and fish.

Spanish cuisine uses a lot of olive oil and many stews and grills. Spain is also known for its famous preserves, gourmet aperitifs and meals that never start before nightfall and go on until the wee hours.

We have put together a list of the best Spanish restaurants in Montreal. The restaurants on this list offer great Spanish food that brings you a little closer to the Mediterranean!

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In a decor created by Surface 3, the space at Mesón is both elegant and casual, with a warm and lively atmosphere. Here, you can enjoy original and comforting cuisine inspired by the different regions of Spain. They offer Sopas & Ensaladas, Entradas and Cocas (soups, salads, appetizers and flatbreads), Carnes, Pescados Y Mariscos, Arroces Y Fideos (meats, fish and seafood, rice and meats) and Postres (desserts). All served in generous portions, made with fresh food, and prepared with taste and simplicity. A visit here will transport you with the rich flavours of traditional Spanish cuisine!

345 Rue Villeray


Tapeo is an unpretentious establishment that has created a name for itself among the best addresses in town. Expanded and enhanced in 2008, the restaurant has adapted to the growing demands of customers, and with its quality and consistency has become one of the best Spanish restaurants in Montreal! Their excellent tapas menu is our favourite part of the restaurant! The chef Marie-Fleur St-Pierre offers a menu that stays pretty much the same. The products used are always of the highest quality and offer you fresh (cold) and client (hot) tapas with remarkable delicacy and originality.

511 Rue Villeray

Taza Flores

Open for over 10 years, Taza Flores offers simple Spanish fare in a warm atmosphere. The tapas bar is a great place to have a drink and enjoy Spanish tapas and house specialties both inside as well as on their terrace during the summer. Taza Flores offers a menu of several dozen easy to share tapas – both hot and cold – as well as simple and more complex Spanish-influenced dishes. The service is friendly and the whole experience transports you to the Mediterranean and beyond.

5375 Avenue du Parc

Restaurant Sala Rossa

Sala Rossa is the most casual and simple address on this list, but we love the place! We love their unpretentious tapas, their paella as well as the house specialties that change every week. The place is very friendly and the food is simple and delicious. The restaurant is a link between the Spanish community and the Mile End / Plateau Mont-Royal neighbourhoods. Every Thursday, starting at 8:45 pm, the establishment also offers a free flamenco show with dancing, singing and live guitars that makes the experience original, enjoyable, and memorable.

4848 Boulevard Saint-Laurent


Located on Saint Denis, the restaurant Ibéricos is a tapas tavern, a very common concept in Spain. On the menu: tapas, pintchos and buñuelos of all kinds without forgetting the unavoidable pata negra, the dried Iberian ham that gives the restaurant its name. For a complete Spanish experience, the restaurant offers a tasting menu at $48 per person. The atmosphere, the music and the menu transport us directly to Barcelona, in its picturesque taverns.

4475 Rue Saint-Denis
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