Fast food restaurants open for take-out

Mim & Jones

This pandemic has been a bit chaotic for the restaurant industry, and it’s hard to know which restaurants have survived. How do you know which of your favourite restaurants are currently open for takeout? We’ve got your back. At Tastet, we’re continually updating our lists to bring you the best addresses that are open for take-out, so you can continue supporting your favourite restaurants.

Since all dining rooms are closed at this time, most restaurants have no choice but to offer take-out. Restaurateurs are working hard to offer you menus adapted to bring home. While waiting for your favourite addresses to reopen, here is the list of the best restaurants open for take-out, and our suggestions of restaurants open for take-out at lunch!

Do you have any suggestions for fast-food restaurants open for take-out?  Write to us!


If you’re craving fried chicken, burritos, or popcorn shrimp, we recommend this tex-mex address.

51 Rue Roy Est

Paradis BBQ

Whether it’s fried chicken, chicken wings, or a good mac and cheese, the address offers take-out and delivery.

4165 Rue Saint-Hubert

Roch le Coq

Our favourite fried chicken! We recommend the fried chicken sandwich — simply delicious.

1541 Avenue Van Horne

Kwizinn Express

From plantain burgers, to grilled chicken, to their mac and cheese, this address offers exceptional Caribbean dishes.

6670 Rue Saint-Hubert

Nouveau Palais

One of the best burgers in town and lots of comfort food. Try it!

281 Rue Bernard Ouest


Some of the best Portuguese chicken in town (grain-fed, too) — try it in any form for take-out.

1108 Boulevard de Maisonneuve Ouest


Restaurant with Caribbean flavours, the whole menu is available for take-out.

1487 Rue Sainte-Catherine Est


Everything was already in place for delivery before the pandemic, and since then, the business has doubled.

3895 Boulevard Saint-Laurent
Mim & Jones

Mimi & Jones

The vegan diner of the Mile End! Perfect for vegans who want to eat fast food.

5149 Avenue du Parc

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