The Best Addresses in the Village

Where are the best places to eat in the Village? Internationally, Montreal is known as a city of festivities where tourists come to enjoy our many festivals and events. Year-round, Montrealers celebrate, rain or shine. In this entertainment landscape, the Village stands out with its summer vibe. Montrealers also converge here to enjoy cultural experiences – such as the Aires Libres exhibition – to stroll under the canopy of pink balls – this year more multicoloured than simply pink, in the image of the unifying flag of the LGBTQ2+ community – or, more recently, to enjoy one of the many culinary establishments in the neighbourhood.

Indeed, the Village’s dining scene has become much more diverse over the years and now boasts some of the most sought-after, festive and delicious restaurants in Montreal.  Each establishment is unique and fits perfectly into the lively and festive dynamic of the neighbourhood, which welcomes tourists and residents alike. In between activities, and with the current heat, it’s always a good idea to stop by one of these places for a drink – you have to stay hydrated anyway – or a bite to eat. We’ve put together a list of addresses to create a culinary circuit to please all tastes and budgets! You’ll find festive and affordable addresses, delicious pokés, healthy vegan spots and some of Montreal’s most beautiful restaurants!

On the eve of Montreal Pride 2018, the largest Francophone celebration of the LGBTQ2+ community in the world, we wish you all a great Pride. Hoping that this list of the best addresses in the Village will enrich your celebration or simply your experience of the Village. Bon appétit! ❤

Le Red Tiger

“Càng đông càng vui”, meaning “the more the merrier” is the phrase – displayed in red neon signage – that greets all customers when they enter Red Tiger. The philosophy of this restaurant serving Vietnamese cuisine resonates throughout the establishment; one comes to Red Tiger to eat well in good company and laugh cheerfully. A cocktail with chicken wings, Between Vietnamese pancakes, beef carpaccio, spring rolls, pork ribs and much more, Red Tiger is a great starting point to a great and affordable festive evening. photo Vadim Daniel

1201 Boulevard de Maisonneuve Est

Bar Renard

Bar Renard is one of our favourite places to have a drink in the Village, and it has just the right amount of fancy and festive. Fancy because the decor (designed by the two owners) is simply superb, with a little retro touch that is much appreciated. Festive because the atmosphere is one of happiness and pleasure, punctuated and encouraged by the house wine list. Le Renard has a very nice organic, biodynamic and natural wine list – just the way we like it. The bar also has a cocktail menu and a series of plates to share or savour on your own, with many vegan options. A welcome stop in the evening. photo by Alison Slattery

1272 Rue Sainte-Catherine Est

Le Blossom

Le Blossom is one of the most beautiful restaurants in Montreal. Le Blossom refers directly to the cherry tree that blooms in the center of the restaurant. Here, everything is focused on freshness. The Temakis, or handrolls, served at the restaurant are brought to your table to be eaten immediately, the flavours and textures varying with the different ingredients used. The whole restaurant is designed to this effect, with almost all the seats organized along the bar which also serves as a kitchen counter – cooking and a show! To note: Le Blossom has the widest sake menu in town! photo Le Blossom

1101 Boulevard de Maisonneuve Est

Le Mousso

Le Mousso is without a shadow of a doubt a staple Montreal restaurant! It is on our lists of addresses where to enjoy great original gastronomy, the best tasting menus and the best Quebecois restaurants in Montreal! Using Nordic products, the dishes are a precise blend of textures, flavours, finesse and elegance, as beautiful as they are delicious. The experience is available in a tasting menu, with a possible wine pairing. The address is ideal for special occasions and celebrations – one comes here to experience one of the best tables Montreal has to offer. Photo Antonin Mousseau-Rivard

1025 Rue Ontario East

Café Sfouf

Sfouf is an adorable and charming little cafe, serving hot and cold beverages, small bites and pastries to sink your teeth into. In an inviting atmosphere, Sfouf serves all kinds of sweet treats, perfect for relaxing between two meals. It also serves its namesake Lebanese cake; sfouf is primarily a vegan cake made with wheat semolina, turmeric, pine nuts and water – a unique flavour that is as enjoyable as the establishment itself. Alison Slattery

1250 Rue Ontario East

Arte & Farina

Arte et Farina is a little piece of Italy in the middle of Montreal. Here, quality is at the forefront and is evident in all the products offered by the house. We eat classics like the staple pizzas, superb focaccias, paninis, grissonis, but also sweet treats straight from Italy like cannolis, panettone, taralli and much more. We eat well and on the go, enjoying the flavours of Italy combined with the freshness of our local products! Photo Alison Slattery

1550 Rue Sainte-Catherine Est


The menu at Palme – short from the French word “Palmier” for palm tree – is like taking a trip through the West Indies through its flavours, or, as the chef puts it, representing the countries where palm trees grow. The destination lends itself perfectly to summer and one comes to eat delicious accras, jerk chicken, tasso de cabri – a traditional West Indian dish rethought by the chef – griot salad and many others in a place both refined and very welcoming. Strongly suggest if you’d like to travel on a budget. Photo Resto Palme

1487 Rue Sainte-Catherine Est


Ô Thym is a delicious bring your own wine restaurant on de Maisonneuve Boulevard East. It serves great Quebecois classics, influenced by market cuisine. Open for 14 years now, Ô Thym has become one of the best bring your own wine restaurants in the city with a menu that evolves with the seasons. In the kitchen, Chef Noé creates a menu of delicious seasonal dishes from which he cannot afford to remove certain staples, victims of their success. Photo Alison Slattery  

1112 Boulevard de Maisonneuve Est

Bistro Tendresse

A vegan and festive restaurant in the Village, Bistro Tendresse is open from brunch until the evening; we like to come here for dinner and drinks. In a very clean and modern space, the restaurant offers delectable and eco-responsible dishes, an approach that should be taken as a model. At the beginning of the week, the atmosphere is conducive to quick breakfasts and business lunches. As the week progresses, happy hours become more popular. And on weekends, it’s time for a boozy brunch! Photo Alison Slattery

1259 Rue Sainte-Catherine Est
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Photography by Madeleine Plamondon

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