The Best Rotisseries in Montreal: Our suggestions

meilleures rôtisseries Montréal

The cold weather is gradually setting in. The first snow has fallen: winter is well and truly upon us. It’s time to trade in our denim coats for our winter coats, our sneakers for our boots and our hats for our toques. Although the season of frostbite and red cheeks has been given the green light, we have the secret weapon to get through the cold Quebec weather; comfort food.

Nothing compares to the mouthwatering smell of a freshly roasted chicken. It goes without saying that Quebecers love roast chicken, otherwise why would there be so many rotisseries throughout the province? Almost every city in Quebec has a rotisserie, whether it’s local or a large franchise like St-Hubert. We love our classics, and we especially love the comforting feeling of familiarity when it comes to our food.

Montreal, let’s face it, is very spoiled in terms of good rotisseries. They are completely in the image of the city; diversified, warm and welcoming. Here, it’s not hard to find a roast chicken that’s juicy on the inside and golden on the outside, you just have to find your perfect match. Whether you’re more leg or breast, white meat or dark meat, whether you like your chicken with brown gravy or piri, fries or mashed potatoes, Montreal is sure to have a rotisserie for you and your particular tastes.

It’s not easy to decide which ones are the best on the island, but we promise you that they won’t leave you hungry! Here are our suggestions.

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Cantine Emilia

The charming Cantine Emilia, which has a few locations across the city, is a Portuguese rotisserie. You’ll find their delicious chicken and other tasty offerings in Villeray, Mile End and Central as well as in Laval, Blainville and Lachine. Cantine Emilia embodies the classic taste of Portuguese chicken while incorporating Quebecois touches to the menu. The roasted chicken is cooked with delicious sauces – which, being a Portuguese chicken joint, means piri piri sauce, an essential element for a complete experience.

7901 Rue Saint-Dominique


This Portuguese counter offers quick service, serving an array of Portuguese specialties. The fast food rotisserie, Romados, is a constant that you can count on. Whether it’s for a quick lunch or to feed your kid at dinner time, their roasted chicken is good for any occasion. Their whole chicken is great for an impromptu visit. The portions are generous, tasty, and remind us of the typical flavours of Portugal. Don’t forget to grab a little nata next time.

115 Rue Rachel Est

Chalet Bar-BQ

This is a legendary Montreal address for roast chicken. Located on the corner of Sherbrooke O and Decarie, the Chalet Bar-B-Q marks the beginning of the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce neighbourhood. This rotisserie is frozen in time both from the outside and on the menu, but that’s not a bad thing. When you have such a winning and popular recipe in your hands, why change it? Chalet Bar-B-Q is a charcoal rotisserie known worldwide for its perfectly cooked chicken. The chickens are locally sourced and cooked very slowly to ensure immaculate cooking. And when combined with their homemade gravy, it’s a duo that’s hard to beat.

5456 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest

Mon Petit Poulet

This rotisserie on Rosemont Boulevard offers chicken of all kinds! Fried or roasted, their chicken is excellent. We highly recommend trying the club sandwich or the fried chicken burger, but the good old classic leg or breast make great family meals too. Photo Samuel Joubert

2343 Boulevard Rosemont

Roch le Coq

Without hesitation, this upscale cantine is one of our favourite spots in Montreal. Roch le Coq, which opened last year, is a counter to try for all chicken lovers. Specializing in fried chicken, its small menu will blow you away. The chicken is prepared to perfection and is just as good in a bucket as it is in a burger. The Outremont neighbourhood can count itself lucky to have such a good place in its vicinity. It is also on our list of the best fried chicken in town.

1541 Avenue Van Horne

Ma Poule Mouillée

If there’s one thing to remember from this list, it’s that the Portuguese know how to make good charcoal-grilled chicken! Ma Poule Mouillée is a staple Portuguese rotisserie on the Plateau. Located near Lafontaine Park, this rotisserie is one of the most popular in Montreal. The chicken is grilled to perfection and is complimented perfectly by their homemade sauce, a revisited piri piri. Note that the portions are very generous!

969 Rachel Street East


As a member of the Joe Beef Group, it’s no surprise that it has earned a place on this list. Located in the Sud-Ouest of the island, on the banks of the Lachine Canal, McKiernan is a restaurant that’s synonymous with comfort food. Among their equally comforting meals, the roast chicken stands out with ease. It’s the kind of chicken we find at family gatherings, the kind that comes straight out of our grandmothers’ recipe books. McKiernan’s golden brown chicken makes us feel right at home!

5524 Rue Saint-Patrick
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Photography by Alison Slattery

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