The Best of the Village: our suggestions for bars, cafés and restaurants

Last update on June 03, 2021
Le Petit Mousso restaurant bar Montreal

The Best of the Village: our suggestions for bars, cafés and restaurants

Montreal’s Gay Village is one of the most festive, colourful and exciting neighbourhoods of the city. With its overflowing nightlife and abundance of art and creativity, there is always so much to do here!

Historically, the area was a working-class neighbourhood. When openly gay business owners first started to migrate to the neighbourhood in the late 70s, a result of intolerance from other parts of town, the area gradually started to take shape as the epicentre of Montreal’s LGBTQ+ community. It is now recognized as the largest gay village in all of North America! Especially in the past decade, the neighbourhood has undergone a large bout of gentrification and is now heavily promoted by the city as a prominent tourist district in Montreal.

Unfortunately, the iconic “rainbow balls” art installation that has taken over Sainte-Catherine Street for the past eight summers has been taken down for good. But don’t worry, because with all of the art galleries, pop-up shops, outdoor art installations, drag shows and more bars than you could count, you’ll never run out of reasons to visit the Village. 

Above all else, our favourite thing to do in the neighbourhood is check out all of the restaurants, bars and cafés! With Sainte-Catherine street as the primary artery of the Village, there are a ton of great gourmet addresses right on the main drag… but don’t hesitate to wander the side streets because you’re sure to stumble on some hidden gems too! To help make the searching process a little easier, this list showcases all of our favourite restaurants, bars and cafés in the area. Best of all, the gourmet scene here mimics the diversity of the people who inhabit the neighbourhood – there is truly something for everyone. 

Bouffe Dave Plant

Bouffe Dave Plant is the place we come to when we’re looking for somewhere laid back and comfortable that serves delicious food. This amazing lunch counter in the Village is working hard to reconnect the consumer with the food that they’re eating by focusing entirely on local and organic products. The menu is wonderfully creative. Dave gives classic dishes his own special twist, resulting in creations like chocolate brownies with dehydrated raspberry powder and chilli pepper chocolate chip cookies. The focaccia that is used for the sandwiches are made in-house and everything else on the menu is local and organic. Whether you are coming for a sandwich on your lunch break or brunch on the weekends, it’s always the right time to enjoy some homey cuisine. In addition, the café’s charming interior keeps the atmosphere perfectly relaxed, inviting and family friendly. 
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Le Blossom

Located right on rue Metcalfe, Le Blossom is a sushi restaurant and saké bar like no other. This address is one of our favourite spots in the city to enjoy saké, as well as one of the most beautiful restaurants in all of Montreal. With a cherry blossom tree right in the centre of the dining room, this bar truly is a showstopper when it comes to appearances. Created by the talented Guillaume Ménard of Atelier Mainor, the space perfectly combines a futuristic aesthetic with traditional Japanese influences, and the final result is amazing. On the menu, you will find a wide selection of both traditional and contemporary Japanese dishes – our favourites are the Temaki hand rolls. Their alcohol selection includes one of the best saké lists available in Montreal, as well a cocktail menu created by Lawrence Picard, renowned mixologist.
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Le Mousso

Restaurant Le Mousso is up there with the best of them when it comes to Montreal gastronomy. Antonin Mousseau-Rivard envisioned a restaurant where he could serve a fixed tasting menu every night. The restaurant first opened in February of 2015, but as their success grew, they decided to relocated to a new space that is better suited to their specific formula of a set tasting menu. Nowadays, the interior of the restaurant is very chic and perfectly complementary to the elevated and creative cuisine. People come to Le Mousso to experience one of the best tasting menus in all of Montreal. The menus created by executive chef Massimo Piedimonte are always just a visually stunning as they are gastronomically impressive. The cuisine is seasonal and in a constant state of evolution. If you’re someone who enjoys fine cuisine (and are willing to pay the price), restaurant Le Mousso is the place for you!
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Le Petit Mousso

With the incredible success of restaurant Le Mousso, Antonin Mousseau-Rivard opened up an a-la-carte version of the beloved restaurant at the end of 2018. Le Petit Mousso serves the same delicious and creative cuisine as it’s older sibling, only this time it’s with a more affordably priced a-la-carte menu. Please note that groups of 8 or more can opt for the fixed menu as well. In terms of wine, the list is curated by the talented Alexis Demers, Nikolas da Fonsecaes and Jade Labonté-Harvey and is entirely comprised of private imports and natural wines. If you have always wanted to revel in the gastronomic experience of Le Mousso but on a more affordable scale, Le Petit Mousso is for you.
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Kamé Snack Bar

Located on Sainte-Catherine street, Kamehameha Snack bar is home to one of our favourite poke bowls in the city! Owned by the same duo responsible for Blossom bar and Red Tiger, this Hawaiian inspired address is charming and casual, and perfectly embodies the welcoming and relaxed vibes of the island lifestyle. Pink is the most prominent colour of the space, and the hanging plants and wicker furniture all contribute to the restaurant’s overall festive and funky atmosphere. The cuisine at Kamehameha is fast and easy, but very delicious. Poke bowls definitely take centre stage here, and the kitchen offers a wide variety of bowls including a few vegan options. This spot is great if you’re looking for a healthy and satisfying lunch or dinner, or for a snack while you’re touring the neighbourhood.
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G&G Pâtisserie Gourmande

If you have a sweet tooth, this is the place for you. G&G patisserie serves French inspired desserts that are just as delicious as they are creative. Owner and head pastry chef, Géraldine Paumier uses her baking skills as an outlet for her creativity – the result is a whole bakery full of wonderfully unique and delicious treats for you to try! There are a few items that we particularly loved here, including the lemon meringue tart, the black forest cake, the cheesecake and the chocolate éclairs. Of course, the items on the shelf are constantly changing, giving you even more reason to keep coming back. There is seating inside the bakery, and the overall decor is bright, cherry and welcoming. Truly another one of the Village’s best addresses!
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