Baie-Saint-Paul restaurants: Where to eat well in Baie-Saint-Paul

Published on September 08, 2021
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As the situation is constantly changing, we make every effort to keep our listings up to date in order to provide you with accurate and current information. We invite you to contact the restaurants to confirm that they are open before you travel. Thank you for your understanding.

Quebec is full of beautiful places to rest and relax during your summer vacation. Leaving the hustle and bustle of the cities to take refuge in the small havens of peace that various regions of the province have to offer is common practice during the summer season. Whether you want to visit tourist sites, take part in outdoor activities or discover the charm of rural villages, Baie-Saint-Paul is a key destination to escape to in the summer.

Among the regions of Quebec popular with visitors from here and abroad, Charlevoix is a favourite. This region is known first and foremost for its exceptional landscapes, which have been a source of inspiration for many Quebec artists and artisans. In addition to its breathtaking location along the St. Lawrence River, and its rich heritage, the region is home to a multitude of art galleries, national parks, artist studios and various ecotourism activities. All of these assets make Charlevoix a vacation destination par excellence.

Located across from L’脦le-aux-Coudres, the town of Baie-Saint-Paul is a staple gourmet stopover in the Charlevoix region. Known primarily for its picturesque landscapes, this place is also characterized by the abundance of its cultural events, festivals and art galleries. Whether it is the hospitality of its inhabitants, the beauty of its nature or the excellent gastronomic scene, the town of Baie-Saint-Paul is without a doubt a Charlevoix stopover not to be missed.

Since many visitors come to the region during the summer vacations, Tastet has prepared a list of Baie-Saint-Paul restaurants where you’ll eat well. From cafes and bakeries to gourmet restaurants, this list will guide you to the best gourmet addresses, so that you can punctuate your stay with pleasant gastronomic discoveries that showcase the excellence of Quebec’s local products.

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Here is our list of restaurants, cafes, bars and gourmet addresses in Baie-Saint-Paul:

les labours

Les Labours

Located in the beautiful Le Germain hotel, the restaurant welcomes you in a chic and friendly space with a large open kitchen. You can enjoy delicious dishes, which cleverly highlight the products of the region in breakfast dishes. It’s a must-stop to start your day in the region on the right foot!

Faux Bergers

The Faux Bergers restaurant is a major Tastet favourite in the Charlevoix region. Firstly, the location of the restaurant, located on the grounds of the Le Migneron cheese factory, is quite exceptional. Sylvain, Andr茅anne and 脡mile are a trio of young, dynamic and talented people who are sure to impress. While the establishment serves simple dishes at lunchtime – pizzas and delicious salads – it is at night that we recommend you come! They offer an excellent tasting menu that changes daily. The chef of the day comes out between each service to explain the dishes and Andr茅anne fine-tunes the table and wine service. A wonderful little address to discover in Baie-Saint-Paul.

Ah la vache ! Au petit resto suisse

Ah La Vache! is a charming bring your own wine address in Baie-Saint-Paul. This small Swiss bistro makes excellent food with flavours from the mountainous European country. On the menu, you will find an excellent Swiss fondue as well as several delicious dishes with cheese as the central ingredient! Swiss and regional products are featured on the menu as well and are served by the charming owners – a couple who treat all their customers with care. Ah la Vache
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Mouton Noir

Having opened its doors more than 40 years ago, the Mouton noir is a true Baie-Saint-Paul institution. With its country bistro look and unique regional charm, this address offers both classic and creative cuisine, focused on the pleasure of eating well. The place has a beautiful terrace in the back, ideal for beautiful days, as well as a singer who creates a festive atmosphere every Friday and Saturday. An unpretentious institution where you can eat very well – to be discovered in the region.聽photo Mouton noir
Food plate of Diapason

Le Diapason

The Diapason restaurant offers delicious Alsatian and Quebec inspired cuisine. The simple and warm atmosphere is perfect for savouring dishes made mostly with local ingredients. On the menu, you’ll find several dishes featuring well-prepared local meats, all complemented by good service and wallet-friendly prices. With their nice sunny terrace, this place is a must try.聽photo le Diapason

Casse-cro没te 4 vents

Located in a tiny trailer next to a gas station is the casse-cro没te 4 vents, one of the best snack bars in Quebec! The establishment has been in existence for almost 50 years and is unique in its kind: in a gas station at an intersection, the mini trailer has mini tables inside and you would think you were in another era. Everything here is very well done and frankly delicious; we particularly recommend the Migneron cheeseburger (with an extra egg, even better!) and the poutine. There are also pogos, club sandwiches (with real chicken), hot dogs and other traditional snack food.
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Le Rond Point casse-cro没te

The casse-cro没te Rond point is a new address in Baie-Saint-Paul whose cuisine is characterized by its exclusive use of local products. You will find a menu made up of revisited Quebec casse-cro没te (snack bar) classics. A little outside the touristic area of Baie-Saint-Paul, the establishment offers nothing less than one of the best poutines in Quebec! We also love their decadent croque-monsieur. It is a charming establishment to stop in for lunch or a snack.
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Caf茅 Ar么mes et Saveurs

Caf茅 Ar么mes et Saveurs is a charming establishment that offers very good and comforting products made from local ingredients. In a rustic style room, you can enjoy delicious pastries and baked goods, good breakfasts and lunches, as well as an excellent coffee. A great gourmet address to visit during your stay in Baie-Saint-Paul. Caf茅 Ar么mes et Saveurs
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脌 Chacun Son Pain

脌 Chacun son Pain is a good bakery that offers a nice variety of quality products. With their fresh breads with original flavours, good pastries and baked goods, the place charms with all its products made by a friendly team. Note that the bakery offers sandwiches to go, as well as four picnic basket formulas, which are perfect for trips by the water or in the mountains.聽photo A chacun son pain
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Caf茅 Charlevoix

Caf茅 Charlevoix Je Br没le Pour Toi is an artisanal coffee shop that offers coffee lovers a multitude of products roasted on site. The atmosphere is warm and appreciated by the locals. The establishment also sells its coffee beans, so that you can drink this local and artisanal product in the comfort of your own home. Small dishes and pastries are also available on site.聽photo Caf茅 Charlevoix
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Special Mentions

  • The Saint-Pub Microbrasserie Charlevoix makes very good beers of various flavours. In the heart of Baie-Saint-Paul, the establishment offers a nice selection of craft beers. With its simple and typical tavern decor, the place is perfect for an afternoon break, as well as for quenching your thirst with malted flavours. A friendly address to try for a good beer.
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