La Louve: A new buvette in Baie-Saint-Paul

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La Louve: A new buvette in Baie-Saint-Paul by the Faux Bergers restaurant trio

A new buvette by the team at the celebrated Faux Bergers restaurant opens its doors today in Baie-Saint-Paul! Named La Louve, this new restaurant offers the residents of Baie-Saint-Paul a relaxed European-style place in which to sip fine wine and enjoy pretty little plates to share.

Behind the project is the friendly trio that owns the wonderful Faux Bergers restaurant: chefs Émile Tremblay (Renard and La Chouette, Légende) and Sylvain Dervieux (Les Labours), as well as sommelière Andréanne Guay. The buvette, as a concept, is not widespread in the region, so the three friends set themselves the challenge of addressing the gap in the market while also making Québecois artisans and producers front and centre of the business. As far as we’re concerned, mission accomplished! The region’s residents were eager to see this project come to life in Baie-Saint-Paul.

La Louve is an excellent place to spend an afternoon drinking wine just as it’s also great when you’re in a rush and you need to grab a few amazing local products to go. The 18-seat dining room is intimate and warm conducive to a relaxed evening and the charming terrace offers eight more seats for balmy summer evenings.

Localness resonates at the core of this restaurant. Outside of food and wine, the owners worked with several local craftsmen to create a space that reflected the region. It’s a devotion to the community that extends to local artists like Pierre Bouchard, Humberto Pinochet and the metal sculptures of Dave Fortin.

Why the name La Louve? La Louve (which translates to she-wolf) is the most emblematic animal of the region of Baie-Saint-Paul, but more importantly, the female wolf is a strong, nurturing and independent figure. The nourishing aspect is manifested in the bon-vivant atmosphere and a taste for good things to which the owners are particularly attached. The independent wolf appears in the team’s desire to create an identity separate for the success of Faux Bergers.

Composed by Andréanne Guay, the wine list honours winemakers who have, at the heart their craft, a true respect for the vine and the body. The sommelière promises beautiful discoveries from local producers and winemakers from elsewhere with a continuous rotation showcasing the rising stars in wine. Stemming from the simple pleasure of sharing a good bottle, Andréanne’s selection includes only her favourites, allow her to transmit her passion and enthusiasm to her customers.

Menu development is a collaborative effort, often beginning with a wine selection that informs the direction of the dishes. Inspired by seasonal products, the menu takes a plant-focused approach without completely omitting animal proteins. The chefs attach great importance to the creative process and avoid, whenever possible, many barriers in the kitchen. The more fun they have with their menu the more we enjoy ourselves!

We were already enchanted by Faux Bergers and now we’re delighted to announce the opening of this beautiful buvette that completes the Baie-Saint-Paul gastronomic landscape. As Émile Tremblay says, “La Louve is a space where the potential is unlimited; it’s a playground where there are no boundaries…”.

Adapted to English by Clay Sandhu.

Photography by Photos La Louve

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