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It seems that Montrealers have a penchant for fried chicken burgers. Are we wrong? One thing’s for sure, we’re often asked the burning question ⏤ where do you find this famous sandwich on the island?

The answer is simple: there is more than one address where you can savour a very good one. Since they can be found on many menus across the city, we’ve put together a selection of addresses to help you find a fried chicken sandwich that’s really worth your while.

Before we introduce you to what Montreal has to offer, here’s a “fried chicken sandwich 101” lesson of sorts and why so many of us love them. Today, Chick-fil-A is known as the first American chain to market the fried chicken sandwich in the 1940s. That said, while Chick-fil-A made the sandwich more popular than ever, they have little to do with its creation.

It’s hard to know exactly where, when and how the fried chicken sandwich came to be, but one thing is clear, it’s the African-Americans of the 20th century that we have to thank for such a delicious sandwich. Hidden in archives of African-American newspapers, we discover that snack bars were already promoting fried chicken sandwiches as far back as 1936, as evidenced in an advertisement from the archives.

Since its invention, nearly a century ago, the sandwich has been enjoyed all over the world. It is deconstructed, reconstructed and prepared in a thousand and one ways, but the good fried chicken in the middle is an irresistible constant.

If there’s an address you think should be on this list of the best fried chicken burgers, feel free to share your suggestions right here.

Dinette Triple Crown

In the heart of Little Italy, there is a little piece of our southern neighbors hidden in the Triple Crown Dinette. The menu is marked by strong culinary influences from the American South. Among the specialties of the house, we devour the Big Nasty. There’s nothing typical about this fried chicken sandwich; it’s made with aged cheddar cheese, brown gravy and delicious fried chicken, all sandwiched between two buns. Think of it as a hot chicken sandwich but ten times more decadent. Try it as soon as possible!

6704 Rue Clark

Mitch Deli

Mitch Deli is the new kid on the block in Montreal, but not to be underestimated. Their sandwiches, a specialty of the house, will certainly make you salivate. Mitch Deli offers, among other things, a fried chicken sandwich. Juicy fried chicken, cabbage and a little spicy sauce are found inside. A delight!

2660 Rue Beaubien Est

Bird Bar

The Birdbar has become a destination of choice for fried chicken lovers in Montreal. At this Griffintown establishment, we eat our fried chicken with a bottle of champagne, a concept that is very popular. Like any good fried chicken restaurant, it of course offers a fried chicken sandwich on the take-out menu ⏤The Bird Bar Burger. The latter consists of a good piece of fried chicken wrapped in nachos, coleslaw, a delicious avocado sauce, pico de gallo salsa and a cilantro mayonnaise. Not to be missed!

1800 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

Mon Petit Poulet

Mon Petit poulet, the artisanal snack bar in Rosemont is already well known for its roasted chicken. Installed in the former location of the famous Coq Express, the snack bar honours the memory of the latter by serving classic and timeless meals. The menu features two delicious fried chicken sandwiches, each different from the other. The Hot Chicken Royal, made with brioche bread, a juicy piece of fried chicken, brown gravy, cheese curds and peas, is a true classic reinvented. At the same address you can also enjoy the Capt. Crunch Burger made with fried chicken, coleslaw, tomatoes and béarnaise mayonnaise, nestled in a sesame bun.

2343 Boulevard Rosemont

Roch le Coq

This Outremont establishment has become a favourite address for many Montrealers. The little canteen, Roch le Coq, is a real eye-catcher with its creative menu. Your go-to canteen meals with a twist. At their place, the Mega Roch is a must. This fried chicken sandwich includes a generous piece of fried chicken, kimchi mayo, pikliz, pickled peppers and lettuce. It definitely deserves its place on this list!

1541 Avenue Van Horne

Bucky Roosters

Bucky Roosters is the favourite address to feast on fried chicken in Saint-Henri. Open since the summer of 2020, the candy pink neon establishment takes you back in time with the classic, and always delicious, fried chicken buckets. On the menu are other staples like a piece of their key lime pie and, of course, their O’Bannion fried chicken sandwich. This one is made with Beyond Steak chicken, lettuce, sweet onions, a homemade sauce, and all of this between a potato bun. No regrets, guaranteed!

3981 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest


Tucked away on the streets of the Plateau, Icehouse has become one of the area’s most popular spots for a quality late night snack. The Tex-Mex style establishment doesn’t consider itself a fast-food or fine dining place, but everyone finds something delicious that keeps them coming back. Well known for its fried chicken, the establishment offers its customers a fried chicken sandwich in its image; that is to say a burrito. Inside the fried chicken burrito you will find pimento cheese, pickles, corn, rice, and a chipotle mayo. A great combo!

51 Rue Roy Est

Jack le Coq

Jack le Coq, a restaurant that specializes in fried chicken, has brought the fried chicken craze to the neighborhood. People line up every day to get Jack le Coq’s delicious chicken. The idea was to open a restaurant with a 100% fried chicken menu. No roasted chicken at Jack le Coq! You can get fried chicken in tender pieces in sandwiches. The “Jack” is offered in different forms, according to your personal taste.

4501 Rue Wellington
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Photography by Alison Slattery

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