Sangria: Where to enjoy the best sangria in Montreal

meilleures sangrias de Montréal

Sangria. A Spanish specialty made from red wine in which slices of citrus fruits and spices have been macerated. The sangria became in some way the drink of the summer by predilection. A pitcher of this more or less alcoholic drink lends itself perfectly to a summer evening on a terrace with friends. Traditionally, sangria is a beverage made from a red wine base – although white or rosé sangria is also becoming increasingly popular. The name sangria comes after all from the Spanish word “sangre”, or the French word “sang”, both meaning blood; a direct reference to the deep colour of the drink. Citrus fruits, sugar, spices and in some cases, a bit of stronger alcohol are added to enhance the flavour. The secret of any good sangria: the maceration. It is this process that allows the wine to take full advantage of the flavours that are added.

Sangria joins other drinks with an uncertain past. While it is generally accepted that it comes straight from Spain and Portugal, some believe that it comes from the West Indies, invented by the English and drunk mainly in the colonies at the beginning. The term sangria is now protected by a PDO (Protected Designation of Origin). This means that only sangria produced in a specific part of the Portuguese and Spanish territory can bear the name! Appellation or not, it won’t stop us from continuing to sip the best sangrias in Montreal on a small terrace under the sun.

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Bar Henrietta

Bar Henrietta has become a popular address for people in the neighbourhood and beyond. The atmosphere is always festive, encouraged by the contagious energy of the place. On one of the most beautiful terraces in Montreal and in one of the best bars where you’ll also eat well, we enjoy the summer days. Here, we’re offered red and white sangria, prepared in a classic but delicious way. Sometimes simplicity has a better flavour and this is true for the sangria that we drink at Henrietta. N.B.: this recommendation is tinted because the editor is madly in love with one of the owners! (And vice versa…) Photo Alison Slattery

115 Avenue Laurier Ouest

Kampai Garden

Kampai Garden is often synonymous with festivities and summer. In any season, setting foot in Kampai means entering a semi-tropical world – without the stifling temperature. Like the originality of the decor, the sangria at Kampai does not adhere to tradition. Here, we taste Jade’s Sangria, a mix of vodka, red wine, pink hibiscus syrup, lime juice, guava juice and soda. This more fragrant version lends itself perfectly to summer. Photo Jade W

1225 Rue Saint Mathieu
vices et versa

Vices & Versa

Neighbourhood bar Vices & Versa is mainly known for serving very good beers from microbreweries across the province. Belonging to the Dunham microbrewery, we can enjoy their very good beers. Amongst all the beers on the menu you’ll find their red and white sangria. This one is prepared without any additional artifice; we come to drink it simply for its good flavour, in a relaxed atmosphere, and always accompanied with a tasty bite to eat. Plus: their tree-shaded terrace in the back of the house is beautiful and always lively. Photo Vices & Versa

6631 Boulevard Saint-Laurent


Escondite is a particularly festive Mexican restaurant in the heart of downtown. Like the restaurant itself, the sangria served here is explosive and original. They follow a classic formula of red or white sangria, substituting some ingredients to give it more personality. Here, triple sec and grapefruit juice are used in the preparation, with a touch of tamarind jarrito for a more tangy flavour. Alison Slattery

1206 Avenue Union

Café Parvis

Café Parvis is one of the busiest addresses downtown, and with good reason. The establishment is both a cafe and a restaurant depending on the time of day. In this superb decor, you can enjoy a classic red sangria and another more original white sangria. Indeed, this last one is just peachy! Made with peach nectar, this is a satisfying, juicy, and fruity sangria. photo café Parvis

433 Rue Mayor

Bar Furco

Furco, next door to Café Parvis, is a relaxed and unpretentious downtown address. In a decor with a Berlin feel, you can enjoy their great cuisine – they are one of the best bars in the city where you can also eat very well. Lovers of good things and epicureans converge here to do just this – eat and drink well. The same goes for Furco’s red sangria, made according to the classic recipe and effortlessly enjoyed on their terrace. photo Virginie Gosselin

425 Rue Mayor

Le Majestique

Le Majestique is a favourite address for light summer evenings, and is on our list of the best bars where you can also eat very well. Their sangria isn’t on the menu, so you’ll have to ask for it. But don’t be shy – it’s very good! Made according to the classic recipe, without frills, it is offered in red or white, and made by the glass or by the pitcher. On their terrace, in the middle of Saint-Laurent Boulevard, there is nothing better for a summer evening. photo Majestique

4105 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Le Darling

Le Darling is one of the most beautiful bars in Montreal, thanks in part to its eclectic decor. A cafe by day and a bar by night, the place is coveted by the neighbourhood. It serves two varieties of sangria; a red one and a more sparkling one with cider. Both varieties are excellent, but the latter stands out for its originality. Recommended for the curious and the gourmets, it will add a touch of originality to your evening. Photo Alison Slattery

4328 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Club Pelicano

There are few evenings that go without a drink at Club Pelicano. The establishment lends itself perfectly to the party, with a sangria that literally reflects the desires of the mixologists. Sangria lovers should know that you will never drink the same sangria twice, as it changes according to the flavours of the day, as well as the ingredients and alcohols on hand. Sometimes it will have cranberry, peach or other flavours, and at other times it will be pink, white or red. The lucky ones might even find a sparkling wine sangria… Photo Club Pelicano

1076 Rue de Bleury
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