Kitchen Galerie: A festive restaurant in Little Italy

Since its inception in 2007, Kitchen Galerie has been a breeding ground for culinary talent and has captivated a loyal clientele. After a period of hiatus, the restaurant reopened its doors with an entirely new team and a refreshed vision, offering guests a modernized yet equally festive experience.

Vincent Stafford, who had already been serving as the chef since 2019, took the reins of Kitchen Galerie with passion and determination following the departure of Mathieu Cloutier. With the support of his new partners, Alexis Dangléant Bourguignon and Vincent Arsenault, they decided to uphold the legacy of Kitchen Galerie while infusing it with a touch of innovation.

With the Jean-Talon Market right next door, Kitchen Galerie has access to an abundance of fresh, seasonal produce. It is this proximity that allows the restaurant to highlight the quality and freshness of local ingredients in each of its dishes. While retaining its bistro charm that makes it so unique, the Kitchen Galerie team explores new, more modern techniques such as fermentation, along with the use of less commonly used ingredients.

The menu, constantly evolving, reflects the creativity and craftsmanship of Vincent Stafford, offering guests the opportunity to discover new delights with each visit. The dishes are hearty, flavorful, and leave you craving for more. There’s plenty of foie gras, oysters, and absolutely incredible meat dishes like their famous beef rib served with mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables. Some dishes have remained staples on the menu, such as the beef tartare or the oysters with foie gras, which epitomize the height of indulgence. However, we highly recommend, at least once, letting yourself be surprised by the cuisine and opting for the tasting menu. It’s like a gastronomic adventure tailor-made for you. You have a selection of dishes from the menu and the specials board, but also special creations concocted just for you. It’s the perfect opportunity to be surprised and experience something unique. The open kitchen offers an interesting closeness. You can watch the chef and sous chef at work, preparing dishes right before your eyes and sometimes even serving you directly.

As for beverages, the wine list has been revamped to offer a varied selection of privately imported wines, especially French and Italian, but with some natural wine options as well. The cocktail menu, on the other hand, has been enriched with house creations highlighting Quebec products and more elaborate preparations.

Beyond its generous and flavorful cuisine, Kitchen Galerie offers a welcoming and convivial atmosphere, where everyone is invited to linger over meals with friends. With its attentive and flexible team catering to the requests of its clientele, the restaurant creates a tailor-made experience for each visitor. Whether it’s for a lively evening with friends or a quiet weekday dinner tête-à-tête, Kitchen Galerie guarantees a memorable experience for all tastes and occasions.

Wishing you continued success ahead!

Photography by Alison Slattery

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