Melk Café: Amazing new café beside metro Place D’Armes

Melk Café Saint-Urbain Montréal Melk Café Saint-Urbain Montréal

Melk Café on Saint-Urbain opened its doors on Monday, January 14, 2019. The original location is a cornerstone of NDG, and we expect this location will quickly match it’s predecessor’s reputation. Located at the gateway to Old Montreal, the Chinese Quarter and the Business Centre, Melk should be at the top of your list of spaces to enjoy a good coffee or healthy lunch!

Dominique Jacques and Myriam Asselin, the founding couple of Melk, join forces with Alexandre Baldwin, Alexandre Wolosianski, Nicole Lemelin and Éric Dupuis (Square Dominion Tavern, Balsam Inn and Bar Henrietta). “We decided to partner, grow, and make bigger projects!” says Dominique and Myriam enthusiastically. “The name Melk came to us after a trip to Amsterdam. It means “milk” in Dutch. We thought it was short, it’s beautiful, and it’s said well in French and English. This inspiration goes hand in hand with space. The new café is located at the corner of Saint-Urbain and Saint-Antoine streets, just next to the Place d’Armes metro station. “We are very happy; there is a lot of movement and we are close to the metro.”

The superb setting of the café was designed by Alexandre Baldwin in collaboration with La Firme. The space of about twenty seats bears resemblance to a train station, with mixtures of ceramics and steel. As a result, the space is very chic and very urban. This address is now part of our list of the most beautiful coffee shops in Montreal.

Melk Café Saint-Urbain offers the same concept as the Melk we know and love – excellent coffees (among the first to offer great coffee with exclusively organic milk), hot chocolates and homemade pastries. The address offers one of the best scones in Montreal (extraordinary) as well as excellent cookies, brownies and muffins. To better cater to the offices in the surrounding area, this location of Melk Café offers a little more food. With an external kitchen called SMAAK, Chef Eric Dupuis prepares tasty salads, sandwiches (coming soon), homemade juices and much more. The dishes are all vegetarian and are served in a “grab and go” formula.

“It’s a very beautiful association! We are proud of the food, of the whole vegetal, ecological aspect. We really like the location and the neighbourhood. It has been a great challenge to transform and maximize space; we are happy with the final look of the shop.”

The new address is not only very pretty, but you can also enjoy very good salads and pastries, and of course,  delicious coffees. Melk Café Saint-Urbain will undoubtedly become one of the favourite addresses in the area.

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