Cathcart Foodcourt : an impressive new foodcourt in Place Ville Marie

Cathcart foodcourt Place ville marie

After two long years of anticipation, the Cathcart foodcourt has officially opened its doors! Cathcart, the fourth gourmet foodcourt to open in Montreal, is part of a larger plan designed to bring new life into Montreal’s downtown core – Project New Centre. With an investment of over $1 billion from Ivanhoe Cambridge, it’s safe to say that this Project will be big!

Cathcart Restaurants and Biergarten stands out from Montreal’s other gourmet foodcourts – this place is truly sublime. With a 35,000 sq. ft. pedestrian area and over 1000 dining seats (not including the Biergarten), the sheer size of this foodcourt is impressive enough. Thanks to the 7,000 sq. ft. PVM Glass Pavilion, the complex is constantly flooded with natural light and diners get a perfect view of Mount Royal – it’s hard to imagine a nicer spot to enjoy a glass of wine downtown. The concept was envisioned by A5 Hospitality (manager of over 15 restaurants and bars), and brought to life by the talented Sid Lee Architecture firm in collaboration with Menkès Shooner Dagenais LeTourneux Architectes.

As the new gourmet destination of downtown Montreal, Cathcart houses three full-service restaurants, nine takeout counters, two cafés and a Biergarten. Chef Lionel Piraux (ex-Toqué!, ex-Bistro Mansfield) is the man in charge of all things food, and he’s brought locally renowned and brand new restaurants alike into the project. Not only will the culinary selection be just as impressive as the space, it will also be very reasonably priced, with a meal averaging around $15. Furthermore, all single-use containers used on the premises will be 100% recyclable or compostable – an admirable commitment and a rarity for a foodcourt!

The Restaurants :

  • Akio – This Japanese cantine serves a menu inspired by Osaka street food, featuring a selection of sushi and charcoal cooked kebabs! The restaurant is a collaboration between renowned chefs Antonio Park (Park, Flyjin, Kampaï) and Olivier Vigneault (Jatoba, Westwood Bar & Grill, ex-Yuzu), so there is no doubt that you’ll be wowed.
  • Pizza Del Fornaio – With a name that translates directly to “baker’s pizza”, you can count on finding fresh and delicious Neapolitan style pizza pies at this restaurant. The menu was designed by the talented Italian chef and pizzaiolo, Federico Bianchi (ex-Bottega Pizzeria).
  • Mirabel – The Mirabel Brasserie offers a menu of French-inspired pizzas with Italian accents. This project is lead by the oh so talented chef Nicholas Giambattisto (ex-Caffe Un Po’ Di Piu, ex-Joe Beef).

The Counters :

  1. Dirty Greens – Conceptualized by chef Raegan Steinberg (Arthurs Nosh Bar, ex-Joe Beef), this counter offers delicious hearty salads and mouth-watering healthy dishes.
  2. Patzzi – This Italian Sandwich counter, a project by chefs Alexander Cohen and Luka Lecavalier (Arthurs Nosh Bar), offers a menu of fully loaded sandwiches with some truly unique flavour combinations.
  3. Chikin – American chef Michael Lewis has brought the colours of Miami to Montreal with Chikin. The menu at this counter focuses on fried chicken (we love the Korean fried chicken) and is now included on our list of the best fried chicken in the city!
  4. Uniburger – Uniburger has become a tried and true staple on Montreal’s burger scene, and with good reason… it’s one of the best burgers in town! Chef Younes Bengeloune and his team are now offering their celebrated poutines, burgers, fries and beer at the Cathcart foodcourt!
  5. Omnivore – Omnivore is a well-known spot for delicious and quick Lebanese cuisine in Montreal. Their menu takes shape as an assortment of grilled meats, fresh salads and new and improved Lebanese sandwiches. This will be the third location for chefs Charbel Yazbeck and Akram Sleiman!
  6. Mon Nan – With Joe Lee as the long-time owner, restaurant Mon Nan is a pillar of Montreal’s Chinatown restaurant scene. The menu here is made up of Chinese classics, including iconic dishes like steamed dumplings, lacquered duck and crispy shrimp (all of which are the restaurants fan favourites).
  7. HÀ – Restaurant HÀ is a must-try on Montreal’s gastronomic scene. The menu at the Cathcart location will exclusively feature the restaurants specialty dishes. Everything served here is inspired by the Vietnamese heritage of the late Monsieur Hà and the native Laotian cuisine of chef Ross Louangsignothais.
  8. Tulum Taqueria – A counter owned by A5 Hospitality themselves, this is the spot for you if you’re hankering for a taco. The same menu was available at Comptoir Général in Place Ville Marie during the construction of the Cathcart Restaurants and Biergarten!
  9. Karma Poké – Just like Tulum Taqueria, Karma Poké is another A5 Hospitality project. You also may have tried out their delicious poké bowls at Comptoir Général in Place Ville Marie during the lead up to Cathcart’s opening.

Beyond the restaurants and counters, you’ll also find a beautiful Biergarten in the Cathcart complex! This spot will be the place to be if you enjoy sampling beers from microbreweries, sipping on a glass of wine, or testing out some new and inventive cocktails! Beer specialist Stéphane Pilon (founder of Les Vilains Brasseurs, Broken 7) is the man in charge of the beer menu, Marc-André Nadeau (Jatoba) took the reins on the wine list, and we have Daphnée Vary Deshaies (ex-Foxy) to thank for the cocktails! The space was designed to accommodate groups, busy happy hours, private parties, weddings, conferences and more. In addition, the Biergarten will be animated with fun and engaging programs that will change on a monthly basis.

Last but not least, there are two new cafés joining the roster at Cathcart, developed in partnership with chef and culinary stylist Blake Mackay (Di Stasio, Bouffe Style Blake).

At Tastet, we jump on any opportunity to promote high quality and local addresses, and this was no exception. The Cathcart foodcourt had brought a whole host of great dining options to the downtown area, all at a great price and set in a beautiful venue. If you’re used to grabbing your lunch from one of Sainte-Catherine streets dozens of chain restaurants, why not switch it up and try a salad from the owners of Arthurs or a burger from the beloved Uniburger? Not to mention the amazing mountain view. With a little bit of everything, you’re sure to walk away with a full belly and a smile when you visit the Cathcart foodcourt!

A round of applause for everyone involved in pulling off this ambitious project – we already know it will be a success!

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