Natas: Where to find the best Portuguese tarts in Montreal


A pastéis de nata—which translates directly as “cream pâtisserie”—is a classic pastry of Portuguese cuisine. It is a delicious custard, enjoyed cold, warm, or hot. In Portugal, this popular dessert is found everywhere and is enjoyed by all. Natas are sold in large restaurants, as well as in small stores, pâtisseries and artisanal bakeries.

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During the pandemic, Horacio Arruda gave a speech where he shared his recipe for traditional natas. If you are not a great baker, why not encourage local businesses that specialize in natas?

Here are a few of our suggestions of where to enjoy the best natas in Montreal:

Café Vasco de Gama

Café Vasco de Gama is a sandwich shop that offers delicious natas to accompany your take-out meal!

1472 Rue Peel


Look no further than Campo for the best Portuguese specialties! You’ll find delicious grain-fed Portuguese chicken, as well as other tasty comfort food, including, of course, Portuguese pâtisseries!

1108 Boulevard de Maisonneuve Ouest
Ferreira Café Restaurant Montréal

Ferreira Café

Café Ferreira is a chic Portuguese restaurant that offers classic dishes in addition to excellent Portuguese desserts, including natas.

1446 Rue Peel

Photography by Natas Co


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