Pavillon Snack Bar: A delicious reflection of Verdun

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Verdun is known in Montreal for its conviviality and community spirit, something that the Pavillon Snack Bar embodies perfectly. Established on the edge of Wellington Street, it is slowly becoming a staple cafe-bistro for locals.

Andrew Soulis and Sean Hayes decided to establish their restaurant in Verdun because of its increasingly lively neighbourhood life, and also because the address is only a few steps from the St. Lawrence River. Prior to the pandemic, Andrew owned Café Le Mastiff on St. Patrick Street. Located in an office building, the café had to close when the offices were deserted. From there, he got the idea to start something new. “I always dreamed of having a neighbourhood restaurant where you know your customers’ names and their orders,” he explains.

Pavillon Snack Bar has quickly carved out a place for itself in Verdun. “We feel very welcomed by the community. We feel like we’re really starting to build a beautiful relationship with them,” says Andrew. Without a doubt, the place exudes a certain warmth. An unpretentious place with friendly service!

While their coffee is a must, it’s even better when accompanied by their homemade chocolate chip banana bread (one of the best in town). They also have a range of iced coffees on the menu for the summer. Plus, you can grab one of their pastries from Les Touriers bakery.

It’s no coincidence that Pavillon Snack Bar serves some of the best coffee in the area, but that’s a credit to Tom Sulik. Tom joined Andrew and Sean as manager, but more importantly as a roaster. He owns his own roasting house in Montreal called Trillium, which supplies the restaurant with quality coffee made especially for them.

Snacks for all

On the food side, their menu is full of delights! The chef, Sean Hayes, prepares dishes rich in flavour. We recommend the breakfast burrito with homemade salsa, as well as the BLT-style breakfast sandwich; both are delicious and very generous. In addition, the breakfast sandwich can be served with bacon, chicken, pork, or even avocado on a gluten-free bun. Another must-have dish on the menu is the Torta, a BBQ chicken sandwich that won’t leave you hungry!

In the evening, the Pavillon Snack Bar welcomes you in a buvette atmosphere. In addition to a variety of refreshing cocktails, they offer a very varied menu: mini ramen with mushrooms, Satay chicken brochettes, fish and chips, poutine, gluten-free pad thai, and more! All in snack format, of course.

The trio has been working on the project in symbiosis since day one. They are involved in every facet of the business, including the look of the 45-seat snack bar, which features emerald walls and wood accents for a very casual atmosphere.

The space has large garage doors that let in natural light. They also open onto the terrace that is set up during the summer. We can’t wait to spend easy-breezy afternoons and evenings there; or afternoons that seep into evenings!

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