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The Best Bibimbap In Montreal: Our favourite Korean Bibimbap

Update 27 May 2019   |    Published on 18 January 2019

The Best Bibimbap In Montreal: Our favourite Korean Bibimbap

2018 was the year of the Korean Wave, so we know you’re all looking for the best Bibimbap in town! Especially in the cold winter months, there is nothing more warming that a steamy bowl of Bibimbap. The dish is a long-standing comfort food in Korea for this very reason. Crispy rice in a hot stone bowl, veggies, grilled meat or tofu topped off with an egg and gochujang sauce. Can you think of anything better?

Whether you are a student on a study break or want an option for a quick lunch at work, Bibimbap is the answer. The dish is almost always well priced, flavourful, customizable and satiating. Of course, you can now always find more creative adaptations of of the dish at restaurants like Luna and Omma as well. Whatever your preferences, this list has it all!

Simplicity and quality ingredients is key when it comes to good Bibimbap. The name of the dish reflects this modesty (Bibim = mixed ingredients, Bap = rice). Bibimbap is usually served in one of two ways: Dolsot Bibimbap comes in a hot stone dish to help crisp the rice, and regular Bibimbap is served in a traditional bowl. While there is an abundance of Korean restaurants in Montreal, it is important to know the best of the best!  Luckily we have created a list of our favourite spots to eat the best Bibimbap.

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Of course, we always appreciate suggestions from our readers, so if you know of any restaurants that serve Bibimbap that deserves to be on this list, send us an email at [email protected]

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La Belle Corée

101 Avenue Fairmount Ouest, Montreal, QC, Canada

With a focus on introducing traditional Korean food to the Plateau, La Belle Corée specializes in authentic Dolsot Bibimbap. Fresh ingredients are the highlight of this simple dish at La Belle Corée, This restaurant will welcome you into their casual dining room with open arms, and feed you with the some of the best Korean comfort food there is! Their constant rotation of Kpop adds to the authenticity! 


917 Rue Rachel E, Montréal, Québec H2J 2J2, Canada

Restaurant Luna puts a chic spin on this humble dish, elevating Bibimbap to a perfect date night meal. At Luna you can choose from beef or salmon tartar, grilled salmon and marinated BBQ pork, amongst the standard toppings. The polished dining room setting sets this establishment apart from many other Korean restaurants, and is certainly one to add to you to-do list! This BYOW is located in the Plateau.

Petit Seoul

5245 Saint Laurent Boulevard, Montreal, QC, Canada

While Petit Séoul is best known for their creative Korean-fusion menu, they still know how to execute the classics! This address offers great Dolsot Bibimbap in large portions and stone bowls. The space is chic and stylish while still being comfortable enough to bury yourself in a bowl of crispy rice and BBQ beef!

Hwang Kum

5908 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montreal, QC, Canada

One of the best places to feast on fresh and flavourful Korean food! The Name Hwag Kum translates to ‘golden’ in english, and that is certainly the quality they deliver. Hwang Kum is located in NDG, and has brought one of the top bowls of Bibimbap to the neighbourhood. The casual setting makes it easy to enjoy the food. Hwang Kum is a great spot to share Bibimbap with friends and family, or to grab a quick bite on the go!

Haru Hana

912 Boulevard de Maisonneuve Est, Montreal, QC, Canada

“A taste of authenticity with innovative Korean Cuisine” is the motto at Haru Hana! Located in the middle of the Village, this restaurant embraces the fun and free vibes of its surroundings while serving well executed classics. The Bibimbap you find here comes with the option of in-house kimchi as a topping (highly recommend!)

La Maison de Séoul

5030 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montréal, QC, Canada

This address is undoubtedly the best restaurant in Westmount if you’re looking for Bibimbap! The ultra-casual environment matches the mood of this simplistic dish perfectly. The whole space breaths authenticity. The small and intimate dining room sets the scene to share a steamy bowl with a friend or loved one.

Cinq mille ans

3441 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC, Canada

Cinq Mille Ans is an amazing restaurant if you’re looking for well priced Korean Classics. Serving delicious Dolsot Bibimbap, Cinq Mille Ans lives up to its name. Tradition, comfort and authentic food will persuade you to come back. This address is located on rue St. Denis.

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