Omma : Korean classics now in the Quartier des Spectacles

Update 10 March 2018   |   Published on 9 March 2018

Omma has expanded and opened a second location –  in Montreal’s Quartier des Spectacles, and it is a charming place to enjoy tasty Korean cooking.

After Omma’s initial success on rue Bernard Ouest, Jessica Wee, her partner Justin and mother Mykium Kim have opened a second Omma, this time in the Quartier des Spectacles. Open since May 2017, this new restaurant uses the same winning formula and serves the same delectable dishes: it is a welcoming and lively family restaurant for good comfort food.

The decor here is certainly more stylish than the other location and feels more spacious. The hanging paper-lantern lights are one reminder that this is still Omma. Designed by Jessica, it is bright and cheery, and offers a breath of fresh air on a street corner where there are few restaurants. The room fits about 30 people and the corner angle entrance with the large windows on either side, allows for a view of the Parterre park in the Quartier des Spectacles.

As for the food, Chef Mykium Kim is still behind these tasty Korean dishes. The menu for both Omma locations has sensibly been kept the same. There are still house specialties such as sesame rice and bibimbap. As a starter, try Pajun, a fried pancake with onions, carrots and kimchi – we highly recommend adding the option of seafood; Mandoo (beef or veggie ravioli) with kale, or Omma’s own rolls. Afterwards, there are curries of shrimp or chicken with coconut, salmon tartare, seafood salad or Yachae Bokum (vermicelli sautéed with sweet potato and vegetables, together with a sesame paste sauce). We enjoyed the bibimbap and sesame rice.

Omma also has a bar licence! There are a few cocktails and beers, and the wine selection is mostly made up of private imports, thanks to Christophe Jasmin (Thazard).

We like this latest Omma – the decor is attractive, the food is consistent, and the staff are most kind. It is also a very nice addition to the neighbourhood. Both Omma restaurants are on our list of  “Great Korean Restaurants in Montreal”.

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