Yubari: chic Japanese restaurant in Old Montreal

Located in the St-Paul Hotel on McGill Street, Yubari is a stunning restaurant offering Japanese cuisine with a French twist.

A Chic and Elegant Décor

From the moment you arrive, you’ll be captivated by the beautiful décor that blends modernity with traditional Japanese elements. The high ceilings highlight impressive structures lining the walls, while leopard print velvet banquettes and dim umbrella-shaped lights add a touch of elegance. The abundant wood creates a warm atmosphere. A long 10-seat bar provides a view of an impressive selection of spirits or the sushi bar. Additionally, you can comfortably settle among the 100 available seats in the dining room, whether for a romantic evening or a dinner with colleagues or friends.

Refined Cuisine

In the kitchen, Chef Willy Do has crafted a menu that celebrates freshness and quality. Predominantly Japanese, his cuisine incorporates French influences and flavors from other Asian countries. Of Vietnamese origin, the chef skillfully combines the Japanese mentality of selecting the best ingredients with the complementary flavors that Vietnamese cuisine is known for. The delectable menu offers a wide array of options: dumplings, sashimis, makis, nigiris, atatakis, and much more. The prices for sushi range from $13 to $105 for a few pieces, placing Yubari in a relatively high price range. However, this pricing is justified by the exceptional quality of the ingredients used.

To drink, you’ll find an excellent selection of signature cocktails with Asian influences and bold flavors. The wine list is rich in grand crus, perfect for celebrating special occasions.

We’re highlighting Yubari because it’s a great addition to the neighborhood with impeccable service. It’s an ideal place to visit if you want to treat yourself and celebrate. With a DJ on-site from Thursday to Saturday, it’s perfect for a festive evening with friends. Moreover, the restaurant is open for lunch, offering an excellent option for business lunches.

Enjoy your meal!

Photography by Alison Slattery

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