Le Petit Boui Boui: Delicious Vietnamese street food

une soupe Une soupe Une soupe et une crèpe vietnamienne des boulette de porc une soupe une crèpe vietnamienne un rouleau vietnamien une soupe une soupe au boulette une soupe Le propriétaire du Petit Boui. Boui (ritchie nguyen) Le décor du  petit Boui BOUi

Le Petit Boui Boui is a nice and cozy Vietnamese restaurant on Bélanger Street. The term Boui-Boui refers to an unpretentious, no-frills establishment. However, while the address may be modest, the food is very good!

The chef-owner, Ritchie Nguyen, is a classically trained French chef. He worked for several years in the kitchen at La Maison Publique. What he is most passionate about, however, is Vietnamese cuisine—the cuisine of his childhood!

The 24-seat restaurant serves mostly Vietnamese street food. You will find on its menu a delicious Pho soup (his mother’s recipe), banh xèo (Vietnamese pancakes), a traditional papaya salad, and more.

Le Petit Boui Boui’s chef offers a menu inspired by what people eat on the streets of Vietnam every day.

The atmosphere here is comfortable and familial. The owner’s girlfriend, Philomène Addy-Laird, was in charge of the restaurant’s decor. While dining, you will also have the luxury of seeing Richie Nguyen at work in his open kitchen. “What I love most about Le Petit Boui Boui is watching the reaction of my guests, seeing their smiles from my workstation”.

Staying true to tradition, the restaurant serves only beer as an alcoholic beverage. “For me, a Vietnamese meal is accompanied by a cold beer. I love wine, don’t get me wrong. However, my food is made to be enjoyed with a beer,” the owner tells us.

Happy discovery & bon appétit!

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Photography by Alison Slattery

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