Griendel: Excellent microbrewery in Quebec City

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Le Griendel is a superb microbrewery in the Saint-Sauveur neighbourhood where you can enjoy good beer and good food!

Le Griendel is the microbrewery of Martin Parrot, Olivier Savary, Vincent Lamontagne and Alexandre Gaumond. Martin, Vincent and Alexandre grew up together in Quebec City, and later met Olivier who was from Montreal. The idea of a microbrewery was born within the group, and after much preparation, Le Griendel opened its doors in 2015.

Le Griendel takes its name from the defrocked monk of the same name, whom Martin describes a bit as a sort of mad scientist, an inventor of all kinds: “we liked the connotation of the unleashed inventor, of the creativity of what he was doing.” Thus begins the story of the microbrewery, which, since its opening, has been refining and brewing some 30 recipes of house beers. Also, since May 2018, Le Griendel has had its own equipment; the Griendel beers drunk on site are brewed just a few meters from the kitchen!

Le Griendel has an impressive amount of space. The place has 120 seats inside and adds another 20 seats when Saint-Vallier Street becomes pedestrianized for a few days in the summer. The decor was developed by the owners themselves. They have equipped Le Griendel with wooden tables and chairs, offering warm contrast in a space that has lots of whites and greys. The microbrewery also has an interesting graphic design and visual identity, courtesy of Mathieu Savard from Coin Créatif. His work can be recognized on the labels of the bottles and the caps of the barrels of their beer. The atmosphere of the address is pleasant, the large windows allow great natural light into the space all day, and the corner layout of the establishment also allows for a great view on the street.

Among the quartet of owners, Olivier is a trained brewer. Before Quebec City, Olivier spent time at the Montreal microbrewery Dieu du Ciel! Now, he is responsible for Le Griendel’s excellent beers. Of the 24 cask lines in the house, half of them are house beers. From IPA, Lager, Stout, Saison, Kölsch, Bitter, and others, Le Griendel makes sure to keep more than ten varieties of beers to satisfy all tastes. Two keg lines are even dedicated to the microbrewery’s own iced tea and lemonade. The beauty of Le Griendel is its menu, which maintains the same level of quality as its beers. No expense is spared in the kitchen; Chef Raphael Laroche works to offer a menu of comforting Le Griendel classics. The menu changes with the seasons as Raphael works with local market gardeners to keep the food fresh and current. Le Griendel combines good beer with good food, for a very pleasant evening.

A true neighbourhood microbrewery, Le Griendel is a great place to enjoy a good beer while also eating well. We come here to enjoy not only the beer and the good food, but also the ambiance that reigns in the dining room as well as in the kitchen.

Photography by Thony Jourdain, Étienne Dionne, Griendel

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