Churros: The best ones in Montreal


At Tastet, we are true fans of sweet treats and any occasion is a good one to enjoy something sweet. Having a sweet tooth also means spending hours wondering what you want to satisfy your cravings. One dessert that is always underestimated in our opinion is the churro, even though it is so irresistible.

What we would give to be able to fly to South America or Spain and savour an authentic churro. If you can’t go there, we have prepared a list of places in Montreal where you can get one. They are probably as delicious as the ones you ate on your last trip.

History has it that it was the Spanish explorers who popularized this dessert all over the world, but especially in Latin America. And when the Spaniards returned to Europe with the cocoa, the churros were paired with the smooth chocolate made in Spain to create an unstoppable duo. Who originally invented the churro is not known for sure.

The combination of fried dough and sugar makes the churro so delicious that it doesn’t matter if it’s a typical Spanish churro or not. We’re fans no matter what form it takes!

To satisfy your churro craving, here’s a list of places on the island where they are abundant. Bon appétit!

Special mentions

Che Churros & Empanadas steps away from Jeanne-Mance park.

Mignon Churros & Nougat, in the Central foodcourt in Place des Arts.

El Rey del Taco

While this address in Jean-Talon market may not be the most elegant, you can be sure to enjoy very good tacos here. El Rey offers some of the best tacos in Montreal because it is a classic address. The terrace is very pleasant and you can even buy several ingredients to reproduce the recipe at home. Our favourites include the Taco Bowl and the chicken and beef tongue tacos. Note that the establishment also delivers. Beyond the tacos, El Rey is also known for its irresistible churros.

232 Rue Jean-Talon Est


If you are looking for a place to get away from it all and travel to Mexico for a meal, this is the place for you. As soon as you arrive at Escondite, you will be transported in a colourful Mexican atmosphere with Montreal flavours. Who says Mexican cuisine, also says churros!

1206 Avenue Union


In the heart of the Villeray neighbourhood, Mesón is a charming Spanish bistro and an address that we love. Another reason to love them is for their churros con Dulce de leche.

345 Rue Villeray
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Photography by Alison Slattery

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