Pan American Pizza: Original pizzas and much more

This address in the Mile-Ex is now home to a small establishment that is part restaurant, part pizzeria; in both cases, Pan Américan Pizza is a place worthy of mention and interest.

6631, rue Jeanne-Mance is a very discreet address where for years, in his restaurant Mile Ex, chef Grégory Paul has been delighting customers who love great food. As of mid-October 2023, Pan Américan Pizza took over from Grégory Paul, with chef Danny St-Pierre serving up a range of gourmet delights. The decor is simple and inviting, with around thirty tables and an enthusiastic brigade capable of turning out highly original pizzas at Ferrari speed.

Danny St-Pierre has been navigating the often turbulent waters of the restaurant business for years. At the helm of various vessels, large and small, he has often come up with interesting, sometimes eccentric, always delicious dishes; those on offer at Pan American Pizza are no exception.

Delightful appetizers…

In first place on the appetizer podium: braised veal polpette, two generous meatballs, served with marinara and romano sauce and garnished with fresh basil leaves; followed in second by Cacio e Pepe croquettes, small cubes of creamy spaghetti, peppered and fried; and in third place, Panelle, fun chickpea fries.

… and pizza and subs just the way we like them

Almost a dozen delicious nine-inch pizzas and four enormous subs make up the bulk of the culinary festivities at Pan American Pizza.

The menu for these festivities contains a few gems.To name just a few: among the 11 pizzas on the menu, don’t miss the Fortuna, which includes cheese, an avalanche of delicious oyster mushrooms from Ferme Fortuna, pickled onions, kale and pecorino fondue; the Pep su’l top, which boasts tomatoes, cheese and a ton of pepperoni; or the Magistrale, which has cheese, Chez Vito sausages, rapini, and fonduta, a kind of Danny-style bechamel sauce with pecorino.

As for the subs, the Écho Vedette, with steak, pepperoni, lettuce and tomatoes, will put a smile on your face and satisfy a hearty appetite.

Wines, beers and other refreshments

Their hearty and delicious offering will certainly have made you thirsty. The house offers an exciting wine list, put together by Steve Beauséjour and Cat Fabi, sensitive, thoughtful people with very precise corkscrews. Expect wonderful bubbles, whites, rosés, oranges, and reds from these good people.

Enjoy your discovery (or re-discovery)!

Photography by Alison Slattery

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