Dur à Cuire: Very good “bring your own wine” restaurant on the South Shore

Located in Old Longueuil since October 2013, Dur à Cuire has become a major player in the world of “Bring Your Own Wine” restaurants in Longueuil!

Dur à Cuire: the choice of the name made sense to chef co-owner Jérémie Marcille; it’s a catchy name, easy to remember, and represents the attitude of both the restaurant and the food very well.

At Dur à Cuire, there are about 20 seats on the terrace, and 80 in the dining room, including a bar that seats 10. The kitchen is open concept and plays a major role in the lively atmosphere of the restaurant. If you want a quiet place where you can hear yourself talk, it’s best to wait for other suggestions! Jeremie’s favourite feature of the restaurant is the open kitchen: “The open kitchen allows me to have direct contact with my customers. I get to participate in the evening with them and I love the energy that comes from that. The chef first worked as a cook for restaurants such as La Fabrique and Les Héritiers, but most of his experience comes from L’Épicier. Chef de cuisine for Laurent Godbout, Jérémie honed his techniques and knowledge there before embarking on the great adventure of Dur à Cuire where we have witnessed the depth of his talent for almost 3 years.

The atmosphere of Dur à Cuire is warm and lively and can satisfy people who are looking for a terrace, a table for two or a seat at the counter. This is a place where you will have a front row seat to observe the action in the open kitchen.

The restaurant offers friendly cuisine for about $45 to $50 per person, which includes an appetizer and a main. The menu is built according to the seasons and Jérémie makes sure to give as much diversity as possible while keeping some untouchables for the more conservative. The products used are always fresh and used to their full potential! For the more gourmet, we recommend the Reuben croquette available as an appetizer; these bites, inspired by the famous smoked meat and Swiss cheese sandwich, confirm the winning recipe of flavours that have dominated Montreal’s delicatessens for decades. For starters, we truly fell for the beet salad with dried bananas, sweet peas and labneh, as well as for the pan-fried foie gras served with a thin mushroom and old cheddar pie. For the main course, the paella at Dur à Cuire is undoubtedly a staple, and includes saffron rice with mussels, shrimp, sausage, clams, squid and vegetables; the whole thing will bring you nothing but joy and comfort! Needless to say, sharing is the name of the game here. The ribsteak for two (1.2 kg) will also satisfy meat lovers, we highly recommend it.

Establishing itself in Old Longueuil to satisfy restaurant lovers living on the South Shore has been very much appreciated by customers. Reservations are required on Friday and Saturday evenings, and the restaurant is also open from Tuesday to Sunday as of 5:30 pm. You can even come for lunch – business, or with friends – on Thursday and Friday.

Warm decor and atmosphere, delicious, surprising and generous food. All you need is your favourite bottle of wine and this place will quickly become one of your favourites! Thanks for the invitation!

Photography by Dur à Cuire

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