Art on the menu: Where to taste fine gastronomy in downtown Montreal

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Art on the menu: Where to taste fine gastronomy in downtown Montreal

Given the present circumstances, treating ourselves or marking a special occasion by going out to eat is a rare opportunity to travel. Dining out allows us to be transported around the globe by way of Montreal’s finest restaurants! In partnership with Maestria Condominiums, we are now offering a specially curated selection of elegant addresses in the city centre. Whether on the plate, in their decor, or by way of cultural significance, art is at the heart of each of these remarkable addresses that span the breadth of Montreal’s gastronomic culture.

Passing through downtown Montreal, you’ll immediately notice the beginnings of the new towers by Maestria Condominiums,. This spectacular project is inspired by the Quartier des spectacles’ roots. Drawing on artistic heritage, the project pays homage to the neighbourhood’s most prominent artistic disciplines; from literature, to dance, music, painting and of course architecture. Moreover, the project is the tallest residential building in Montreal with its two towers of 58 and 61 floors linked by the highest residential skybridge ever built in Quebec! While the scale of the project alone is impressive, it’s the attention to detail when it comes to aesthetics which is most noteworthy. The towers themselves are inspired by the largest cathedrals of the Renaissance period.

The Maestria Condominiums project is located in the heart of the Quartier des spectacles, a veritable crossroads of art and culture. Set in a unique location, it benefits from its proximity to numerous cultural centres, museums, galleries, performance halls and more. With a front-row seat on the Place des Festivals, its future residents will enjoy a unique piece of Canada’s cultural heritage. Of course, one can’t speak about the Quartier des spectacles without mentioning one of its finest artforms: gastronomy. Many of the neighbourhood’s restaurants have played a significant role in establishing Montreal as the gastronomic capital of North America.

From your unit, you can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of the city –– one that offers a bird’s eye view of the many and varied gourmet addresses, each begging to be explored. The art of the table is alive and well inside these excellent eateries where the dining experience is enlivened by stunning presentations, superbly appointed spaces and refined service. The five addresses presented in this list are but a stone’s throw from the Maestria Condominiums, project and promise an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Below is a selection of restaurants specially selected to convince you, if you weren’t convinced already, that art is on the plate.

Bouillon Bilk

To the North Opened in March 2011, this restaurant has quickly become a fixture in the city, never ceasing to amaze since its opening. Located on Saint-Laurent Boulevard the restaurant charms everyone who walks through its doors with its excellent menu, attentive service and sleek decor! Drawing on the renowned Danish approach to gastronomy, Bouillon Bilk is easily one of the most refined addresses in town. An ideal location for an elevated evening or a business lunch. The menu consists of meticulously crafted dishes perfected by a chef who lets his creativity speak for itself. A singular experience, when it comes to taste, as the dishes are constantly evolving and changing in accordance with the seasons. Take advantage of the reduced price at lunch, but for the complete experience, opt for the incredible tasting menu at dinner that skillfully combines delicious food and visionary wine pairings.

1595 Boulevard Saint-Laurent


To the North Just a few steps down from Bouillon Bilk is Cadet, its wonderful sister restaurant. After an eagerly awaited opening in 2015, Cadet has become a local favourite by offering exceptional service, refined small plates and an envy-inducing wine list. The decor is elegant with each element reflecting real attention to detail. Let the serverstake control of your order, their recommendations will expertly guide you through the mouth-watering menu. Whether it’s the food, the service or the atmosphere, good taste is the backbone of this operation.  

1431 Boulevard Saint-Laurent


To the South Monarque is the fruit of several years of work for the father-son duo behind this address. Its name is borrowed from the eponymous butterfly whose migration takes place over the course of generations –– a symbolic nod to the core of this project; a passing of the torch from father to son. Inspired by French elegance, every aspect from the cuisine to the decor oozes with sophistication. Upon entering the space, one is nearly overwhelmed by its beauty, not to mention its massive scale. The grandiose restaurant, which seats 175, is divided into two distinct sections; the more casual brasserie with its slightly more accessible menu and the beautiful dining room where a high-end four-course menu is served. Whether in the brasserie or the dining room, Monarch delights the palette by offering exquisite dishes prepared with the finest seasonal ingredients in a setting reminiscent of fine French painting.

406 Rue Saint-Jacques

Le Mousso

To the East Le Mousso offers a real show with its tasting menu. The dishes are overflowing with originality and flavours thanks to a precise and refined work. Stemming from the particularly creative spirit of chef Antonin Mousseau-Rivard, the dishes that you can see throughout the evening are like the magnificent paintings of Antonin’s grandfather, the painter Jean-Paul Mousseau. The house stands out for its dishes, such as the colourful paintings, full of sensitivity and with incredible play of textures and tastes. The space is sober and in harmony with the tasting formula. You can recognize some paintings of the grandfather that, like the chef’s plates, illuminate the place. If you wish to celebrate a special occasion, live an extraordinary experience or simply treat yourself for an evening, Le Mousso is the perfect address.

1025 Rue Ontario East
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