Supply and Demand: Westboro’s friendly neighborhood restaurant

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Supply and Demand is an excellent restaurant to go for creative cuisine!

The team at Supply and Demand lives up to its name, that is to say they have mastered the rule of supply and demand. Chef Steven Wall offered the nation’s capital not just the kind of cuisine it wanted, but a type of cuisine it didn’t realize it actually needed. Located in Westboro on Wellington Street West, Supply and Demand is your friendly neighborhood restaurant that was quickly adopted by the people living there, thanks in part to its « Food and Raw Bar » proposals. Since it opened in 2013, it has grown to be one of Ottawa’s best restaurants.

There is no need to look further than the kitchen to understand the backbone of the restaurant’s success – the young chef Steven Wall. This very talented chef began his career in the kitchens of Beckta Dining and Wine. He later became chef at the Whalesbone Oyster House, Town, then Luxe Bistro.  Stephen wears these successes comfortably, and runs the kitchen at Supply and Demand with confidence. Seafood is the star of the show at Supply and Demand, and the chef enhances the flavors and textures of his dishes by incorporating many fresh products that also allow the quality of these ingredients to speak for themselves. The menu, divided into four categories, is inviting and simply delicious. First, there is a small but surprising selection of shared plates that feature, amongst other suggestions, fried Brussels sprouts, and the famous kale salad with contrasting Manchego cheese and bacon. Next up are a few pasta selections that highlight the chef’s creativeness. And you can discover this creativity yourself by taking pasta classes, offered by the chef, where the evening’s instruction ends with a terrific pasta dinner. The menu continues with raw and marinated dishes topped with oysters and mignonette sauce: very tempting! Last but not least are the impressive and generously portioned dishes of meat or fish. All in all, Steven’s cuisine is a very agreeable fusion that exudes both the chef’s warmth and his ability to be inventive.

Supply and Demand is very charming. Behind the welcoming bar surrounded by many dark green tufted barchairs, your eye catches the black and white wallpaper with a modern take on seahorses that defines the energy of the place. Across the room, the same dark green has been carried over onto the long tufted banquette which stretches down the wall.  Above this hangs a grouping of mirrors, each with a different look and these act to create a feeling of a bigger space. The clean coffered ceilings are attractive and help define the different spaces such as the bar area and the tables in a room that can accommodate 60 people. The open kitchen adds an additional sense of warmth that pairs well with the wonderul food you are served. The beverage list is in the competent hands of Emma Campbell, the talented sommelier.

Everything at Supply and Demand should make you want to return again – a delicious cuisine, welcoming staff and a friendly atmosphere.  Tastet has discovered a new favourite!

Photography by Supply and Demand

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