Mélange Maison : Beloved coffee shop in the Eastern Townships.

Nestled in the charming village of Austin, in the heart of the Eastern Townships, Mélange Maison presents itself as the production workshop, playground, and creative laboratory of Léonie Demers-Dion. Although the space is closed to the public on weekdays, allowing the talented owner to concoct the sweet delights she offers in nearby coffee shops, it transforms on Saturdays and Sundays into a warm meeting place for the local residents.

A Unifying coffee shop

With a welcoming interior and a few carefully arranged tables, as well as its spacious terrace ideal for enjoying sunny summer days, Mélange Maison stands out primarily as a place conducive to sharing, inviting visitors to take the time to savor a delicious coffee and a sweet treat. “When I moved to Austin, I noticed that there were few places conducive to meetings and exchanges. With over eight years of experience as a caterer for coffee, I thought it would be interesting to open the doors of my new ‘kitchen’ to the public a few days a week. This way, they could get my most popular products while enjoying a pleasant moment over a good coffee,” explains Léonie.

Cookies, scones, cakes, and more

At Mélange Maison, you will find the most popular products from Léonie’s catering service. Let yourself be seduced by an exquisite selection of homemade cookies, Léonie’s signature scones, and her generous cinnamon buns topped with cream cheese frosting. “I try to cater to all tastes! I always have at least one vegan and one gluten-free product, although the majority of my creations follow more traditional techniques,” adds the friendly establishment owner.

While the main focus of Mélange Maison’s offerings is on sweet delights, it is also possible to opt for a savory break, with options such as sandwiches, soups, and quiches.

Mélange Maison is definitely one of our favorite addresses in the Eastern Townships! Don’t miss the opportunity to meet a passionate woman and succumb to her irresistibly addictive products.

Happy discovery.

Photography by Mélange Maison

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