Wolf and Workman: the Burgundy Lion Group’s new restaurant

Published on April 02, 2019

Wolf and Workman is the brand new venture of the Burgundy Lion Group, headed by Sean Michael, chef Louis-Philippe Camerlain, and sommelier James Hung. This new establishment opened its doors in Old Montreal on the 20th of March, and we are very excited about it! Specializing in great food and drinks, served in a comfortable and charismatic space, Wolf and Workman is bound to become a new neighbourhood favourite.

Every aspect of the addresses is tailor made to match the historical architecture of its surroundings. Even the name was inspired by the illustrious Wolfred Nelson, who fought a strong willed battle before garnering his title as the 8th mayor of Montreal (Wolf), and William Workman, who was an entrepreneur fighting against capital punishment, and later become the 12th mayor of the city (Workman). Historically rich stories like these pulled the Burgundy Lion Group towards Old Montreal. Once they saw the space on Saint-Paul St. W, the location of Wolf and Workman was confirmed!

The original inspiration behind the restaurant was to showcase local products in a captivating and intriguing space. The team works as much as possible with Quebec farmers and breweries. Their hope is to expose tourists to the authentic Quebec experience.

Even the décor of the space pays homage to the rich history that inspired the name. Impressive stone walls, wood floors, and big windows give the restaurant a cozy feeling. Picture frames and gold mirrors decorate the walls, and red leather seats make for a comfortable dining set up. A long bar in the front of the restaurant is the perfect place to stop by while touring the neighbourhood. Most impressively, the group envisioned and realized the décor themselves! “Because Burgundy Lion is very urban and Bishop and Bagg is more rural, we really wanted Wolf and Workman to come out more old fashioned”, tells Sean.  The space seats 107 indoors, but mark the opening of the 60 seat summer terrace in your calendars for when the weather is nice!

Chef Louis-Phillip is in charge of the British inspired menu, and plans to develop the dishes along side the seasons. Everything in the kitchen is made as fresh as possible, from the sauces to in-house pasta. The menu is extensive and well suited to the old school atmosphere, and everything is truly delicious. Some of our favourites include the pan seared rainbow trout served on creamy spinach with cauliflower and fresh herb salsa. We also love the handmade lamb pie, served with peas, warm yogurt, watercress and lemon sauce. Of course, the menu will always feature a take on the iconic British curry chicken!

On the topic of drinks, Wolf and Workman offers a great wine list featuring primarily private imports, with a focus on natural and biodynamic wines. They source wines locally whenever possible. The cocktail menu highlights modern takes on classic drinks, and primarily uses local spirits from Quebec!

Wolf and Workman is a comfortable space where the energy and passion of the team is visible through and through. With their great vibe, delicious food, and smiling service, we give huge congratulations to the opening of this restaurant!

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