Pony: Korean BBQ on Sainte-Catherine West

Pony transports us into the frenetic and electric universe of South Korea. This newcomer on Sainte-Catherine Street West is already a hit among Korean BBQ enthusiasts for its quality meat cuts and Korean hot pot.

The restaurant opened its doors on October 30, 2023, in a highly noticeable manner, as behind the project are two pillars of the Otto group: Hanhak Henry Kim and Vien Man Cao-Tran, who recently opened An Choi Plaza. Their friends at 9 Tail Fox, Wongu Jeon and Jongwook Lee, are lending a hand to make Pony one of the best Korean restaurants in Montreal.

Pony, named in honor of the car Hanhak’s father used to drive, offers an authentic Korean BBQ experience with high-quality meat cuts. Some meats are served as they are, but many are expertly marinated on-site for over 48 hours. You can’t miss the famous nagano pork belly, which is worth the trip on its own, or the Korean fried chicken accompanied by a spicy garlic sauce. It’s a real treat! You can grill your selections on a grill placed in the center of the table or dip them in the famous hot pot composed of a richly flavored broth where you can simmer ramen and vegetables, among other things.

Pony is one of the few Korean BBQs in the city offering an extensive menu of signature cocktails. In addition to cocktails, you can quench your thirst with soju – a typically Korean alcohol – natural and more classic wines, as well as beer or sake. In short, there’s something for everyone!

What definitely sets Pony apart is the completely playful, eclectic, and colorful decor, dotted with neon lights and signs. Every element has been imported from South Korea, from the tables to the spoons. You’ll feel like you’re lost in the middle of downtown Seoul. It’s definitely worth a visit!

Photography by Alison Slattery

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