Le Mista: Great Italian cuisine in Old Beloeil

Beloeil’s old quarter is known for its urban landscape and unique atmosphere. If you’re in the area, it’s a must to visit the neighbourhood along the Richelieu River. Mista is a veteran establishment in the neighbourhood, and anyone who loves classic or reinvented Italian cuisine will appreciate it.

15 years

Making your way and standing out in the restaurant industry is a battle without mercy. It goes without saying that a restaurant that is able to celebrate a 15th anniversary deserves recognition and a round of applause—bravo, Yannick Tardy! At the age of 17, Yannick started a home catering company, and today he boasts more than five restaurants to his name.

The Le Mista adventure began when Yannick and his brother noticed the lack of accessible Italian cuisine in Old Beloeil. Soon after, they opened Le Mista, and Yannick now runs it full time.

With its industrial yet warm decor, and its lively atmosphere, Mista is the perfect spot for a dinner with friends, a festive date, or a group evening. Note that despite the 80 seats inside and the 80 seats on the patio, it is still recommended to make a reservation. They also have a bar, if prefer to sit there. Don’t hesitate to ask the friendly staff for advice, and you’ll probably run into the smiling Marigil Rivest, who is Yannick’s partner.

Mista means “mixture” in Italian. And when you look at the menu that Mista offers, you realize that Yannick is taking you on an adventure that offers a mix of classic and fusion dishes. Whether you’re a purist or looking for something new, Mista is sure to please.

Food and drink

Alone behind the creation of his menu, Yannick has put one together that reflects his experiences. You will find here a fixed menu that has been in place since the beginning of the restaurant. Each season, there is also a tasting menu based on the products of the moment. We strongly recommend the pizzas cooked in the wood oven! We also love the veal escalope served with apple brunoise and fried rapini leaves, and the prosciutto and mozzarella waffle! If the words “prosciutto”, “mozzarella” and “waffle” weren’t enough to convince you to try it, nothing will; we think it could easily become the new “chicken and waffles”! Budget wise, you can expect to pay about $35 per person when dining here.

The wine list at Mista is the work of Pascal Ledoux. It is affordable and includes private imports as well as more prestigious bottles that will satisfy both amateur and professional wine lovers. If you’re more into cocktails, you’ll also find some great suggestions, made with original infusions that stand out from anything you’ve had before.

A visit to Mista shows how easily new and authentic Italian cuisine can coexist under the same roof. Mista has been in operation for 15 years and the owner is very proud of the loyalty of his customers. Here, you can find good food, a long history and a loyal clientele. In sum, if it wasn’t clear enough already, Le Mista is a staple on the South Shore.

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