La Tanière3: A superb & creative address in Quebec’s Old Port

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This delicious restaurant is a member of the Aliments du Québec au menu program! This means that they have chosen to highlight the wonderful products of Quebec and its producers in their menu! Aliments du Québec au menu is a recognition program for restaurants that value Quebec products in their cuisine. To learn more, click here!

Open since March 20, 2019, this beautiful “hidden” restaurant (a special code is required to enter) is located in the Old Port of Quebec. When you enter La Tanière3, you are immediately immersed in the heart of Quebec’s terroir, thanks to the boreal decor, and the acoustics that fill the space. This concept is based on Quebec’s history and terroir. You will savour wild products from the province: sturgeon from Montmagny, wild rose and sweetgrass from Kamouraska, wild wasabi (a plant found in the marshes of Lac Saint-Jean), myrique beaumier, fir gum and many others. And this, with a touch of history linked to the dishes presented.

The project of Groupe La Tanière3 is realized by a dazzling and talented team of six owners; dining room manager Roxan Bourdelais, Chef François-Emmanuel Nicol, Frédéric Laplante, Karen Therrien, Philippe Veilleaux and Sabrina Lemay.

One restaurant, three vaults

The restaurant is divided into three main vaults. The first vault is the Maison Charest where the main counter is located. In this vault, we find the Charest pavilion, and it is there that the adventure begins with impeccable cocktails prepared with Quebec products; a Boulevardier made with Amermelade, Entre Pierre et Terre apple vermouth, Sivo Single Malt and a rosehip ice cube as well as a Ti-Punch made with St. Mary’s rum, cranberry liquor, wild wasabi oil, spice infusion and a smoked verjus ice cube. The second vault, the Leber House, is the main dining room, and then the Leber Pavilion is the playfully accented area where the dessert service takes place. The kitchen is located in the last vault, the Maison St-Armant. These vaults are close to each other, so walking through them is part of the experience.

Wild products & seasonal adventures

At the beginning of the adventure, the guide François-Emmanuel Nicol explores Lac Saint-Jean and the Kamouraska region. Next, the Lac Saint-Jean region is presented with a spruce trout tartare on a potato tuile with freeze-dried yogurt; once you take a bite, the yogurt rehydrates and becomes very smooth. Another bite served with walleye, a subtle wintergreen gel and camerise powder, followed by a homemade duck ham with myrique beaumier and popcorn powder. Next, we explore the Kamouraska region with a salmon bite with wild rose, a superbly balanced salty and floral blend, followed by a natural shell of fried Jerusalem artichoke skin served with salmon roe and sweetgrass crème fraîche. To finish, an indigenous-inspired bite with a very delicate fried bannock (traditional indigenous bread) and shredded smoked sturgeon. The following dishes are served in the second vault.

The food and wine pairing proposed by head sommelier Julie Hélie is just as well executed as the meal itself; the dishes are perfectly supported by the wines offered. The desserts, served in a childlike forest, are each more creative than the next! The menu of a minimum of 15 courses evolves with the seasons. Note that since our visit, several dishes will have been modified.

La Tanière3 is an adventure that is sure to captivate. Creativity and wonder are at the heart of the project, and this one truly explores all our senses.

Photography by Restaurant La Tanière3

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