Five questions for… Paul Toussaint

Questions Paul Toussaint

As you probably already know, Tastet is interested in everything related to the restaurant industry. We love to discover the best places to eat and drink well. Everyone appreciates good food served in a beautiful space. However, what gives us the most pleasure in pursuing our mission is meeting the people who make these experiences possible. Whether they are restaurateurs, chefs, famous personalities, or heroes who work behind the scenes, these beautiful encounters spark enthusiasm in us that we will always want to share with you. We invite you to discover one of Tastet’s favourite personalities with our playful Q&A.

Today we meet Paul Toussaint, chef-owner of the restaurant Kamúy, who has made Haitian gastronomy shine in our city. From his pet peeve to his dream superpower and the three essential ingredients in his pantry, Paul Toussaint will have no secrets left.

What did you eat for breakfast?

“I had a kodé pie, which is a kind of Haitian empanada with passion fruit juice. I love it!”

What are the three staple ingredients in your pantry?

“Definitely rice… thyme and lime.”

What would you never eat?

“Good question! Definitely a piece of human (laughs). For real, there isn’t anything I wouldn’t try. If I know it’s not poisoned (laughs), I’ll try anything.”

What do you listen to when you cook?

“Compas, it’s a kind of music from Haiti. I also listen to afro! Otherwise, as singers, I really like The Weeknd and Raboday”.

What is your favourite take-out?

Satay Brothers, without hesitation!”

Where do you dream of travelling after the confinement?

“Europe and Asia. Actually, first I’ll go to Japan, then Sweden, Portugal, Spain, and Italy.”

What have you cooked the most in the last year?

“Anything that can be cooked jerk style… chicken, shrimp, fish. I’ve never cooked as much jerk as I did this year! I also cooked a lot of prime rib, I love it so much…”

Who do you enjoy cooking for the most?

“For my family; my wife and my son.”

The last book you read?

“Un cœur nomade.”

If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be?

“To bring peace to the world and unite the people; that would be my superpower.”

This or that

Sweet or savoury?

Butter or margarine?

Fruits or vegetables?
“Exotic fruits.”

Bread or pasta?

Fried or rotisserie chicken?
“Fried chicken.”

Cheese or dessert?

Follow a recipe or freestyle?

Meat or fish?

Beer or wine?

Pho or ramen?

Crêpes or pancakes?

Cocktails or mocktails?

Your favourite food?
“American fried chicken.”

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