Smoothie Bowls in Montreal: where to find the best

meilleurs smoothie bowls montreal

It’s hard to believe it took us this long to join the band wagon, but here we are… and we’re not complaining about it! Especially with the onset of summer, smoothie bowls are one of the best ways to fuel your body and refresh yourself. That being said, they can still be kind of hard to find in Montreal, so here we are with a brand new list of where to find the best in the city!

If you don’t already know, a smoothie bowl is an adaptation of a classic smoothie, where extra ingredients like frozen fruit, nuts and ice are added to make the smoothie thicker and better suited to be eaten out of a bowl with a spoon.  Of course, the element that best characterizes the smoothie bowl is the toppings that decorate it – most commonly shredded coconut, fresh fruits, seeds and granola. Many people also may know smoothie bowls under the name açaï bowls (pronounced ah-sigh-ee),  which are smoothie bowls made using the super-food açaï berry as the base ingredient.

It was only 2015 when The Telegraph predicted smoothie bowls would become the next big trend in the food world – and they were right. The trend started in America, and owes almost all of its rampant growth to Instagramers and health food bloggers. Even if you’re someone who typically rolls their eyes every time ‘the next big thing’ comes up on the scene, there is no denying that smoothie bowls are:

  1. Very healthy and easily adaptable to individual dietary needs,
  2. annoyingly photogenic (if only we all had the same charm),
  3. and incredibly delicious.

Although every individual will have their own preferences for their ideal smoothie bowl, the restaurants on this list serve the ones we like the best.

If you are searching for more suggestions of summer-friendly gourmet treats, check out our list of the best ice cream in town or the best iced coffee in town.

Venice MTL

The best way to sum up Venice MTL is a ray of California sunshine in the heart of Old Montreal, and now also downtown and in Saint-Henri. The Venice theme was inspired by the owner’s love of Cali-culture, which of course, includes smoothie bowls! The menu offers four different bowls, all with unique flavours and good quality ingredients – and there is no where better than the colourful backdrop of Venice MTL to enjoy one. Venice MTL  

440 Rue Saint-François-Xavier


Tommy Café has become somewhat of an icon of Montreal, especially on instagram (where smoothie bowls reign supreme). There are now two Tommy locations in Old Montreal, both of which are extremely charming thanks to the white accents, vintage aesthetic, and abundance of greenery. Stop by either of them for a refreshing and beautifully presented smoothie bowl – also of the açaï variety! photo Tommy  

200 Notre-Dame Street West


Barley, comfortably nestled in the Saint-Henri neighbourhood on rue Notre-Dame, is a self-described cereal bar! The unique concept has expended to include all things breakfast oriented, which obviously includes smoothies bowls. They serve four different smoothie creations, two of which are vegan, and all delicious. We especially recommend the New Castle smoothie bowl, which includes mango, banana, ginger, almond butter, turmeric and other spices. Barley  

2613 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

Café Saint-Henri

Café Saint-Henri is one of our favourite cafés in the city, thanks to its impressive and stylized setting, and good food! Of course, they serve a really delicious smoothie bowl, but they also have other great breakfast and lunchtime dishes.  Along with your smoothie bowl, have some of their coffee, which is made from their very own Saint-Henri micro torréfacteur company.

7335 Rue du Mile End
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Photography by Aloha Espresso Bar

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