Ambiance : Calm

Appetizers : 5-10$

Mains : 18-29$


Saint Sushi Restaurant opened its doors in January 2013 and we believe that this small restaurant on Duluth Street is one of the best sushi restaurants in Montreal.

The owner of Saint Sushi, Saeng Outhipvongxay, studied mechanical engineering. To pay for his studies, he worked simultaneously at the Tri Express – another of Montreal’s finest sushi restaurants. He started by washing dishes, moved up the ladder and ended up being a sous chef. “I fell in love with sushi, with the concept of opening the restaurant, meeting people,” he says.

After several years, Saeng decided to open his own sushi restaurant: the Saint Sushi bar.

A bit by chance, he found a location on Duluth Street, a pedestrian street during the summer, full of very lively restaurants and right next to the Mile End, in the Plateau Mont-Royal. Two days later, he signed a lease. He, his father and his uncle worked very hard on the restaurant. “I wanted to create an extension of my personality, of Montreal, of different cultures, and of my travels! Half the decorations are from my house. I put everything in my restaurant, the walls of my house were completely empty when I opened”. There is a mix of everything, which together forms an interesting unity: new, old, different styles, the small restaurant with 25 seats is rather charming.

Saint Sushi, also came from Saeng’s love for fishing. “When we go fishing, we always pass by Sainte-Julie, Sainte-Adèle… I wanted to create a “Saint-Montréal”, and finally it became Saint Sushi bar”. Saint Sushi is a blend of Quebec culture and all its influences: “I am Laotian, but I grew up in Montreal. I love how the city is filled with people of all nationalities who form a unity. Our multi-diversity is what makes us strong and is part of the beauty of the city. Even in the kitchen at the Holy Sushi, we’re all different. My menu is influenced by all this. ”

Saint Sushi is also a story of friends. Saeng wanted to open a restaurant where he and his friends could make a living; nothing pretentious, just a place where they could make good sushi, have fun and work together.

On the menu, you will find excellent sushi and makis with the most original names: Michael Jackson, Beatles, Bob Marley, Madonna, James Brown, Marvin Gaye or Tupac. “My other passion is music as you can see it! (laughs), I have a lot of DJ friends and these sushi are to pay tribute to the artists I grew up with”. Sensei sushi is in honor of Tri Du, the sushi master who taught him everything; it’s to pay tribute to him. There are also some soups, salads, sashimi and apples, Christmas trees (a classic), sushi and sashimi and makis. The menu has about forty options and everything is quite exquisite. We strongly advise you to order a tasting menu at 25.50$ per person. There is also a lunch menu from 17-19.25$ available at noon and an evening menu (from 2:40pm) at 24-27$.

What makes the restaurant an exceptional sushi destination is first and foremost the quality of the menu and the kindness of the staff. “It’s true that our staff are people who have their heart in the right place. They have a passion for food and want to do good things for our customers”. Saint Sushi’s clientele is young, dynamic and many of them are regulars.

Customers are satisfied and always seem happy to get their money’s worth and enjoy such good sushi. The music at Saint Sushi is good and the atmosphere of the most cordial. Please note that the restaurant does not have a liquor license. If you want to drink, take your order to go!


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