Rubie’s: Delicious gluten-free fried chicken from Miel

Rubie’s—Miel’s new project in Pointe-Saint-Charles—is a far cry from the traditional fried chicken that we see more and more often on Montreal’s menus. More accessible and affordable for families than its big brother’s offerings, the chicken at Rubie’s is juicy and delicious. In sum, it’s a very gourmet stop in the South West borough.

Chef Hakim Chajar’s restaurant Miel is one of our favourite addresses in Pointe-Saint-Charles. Despite being an excellent address, and one very much appreciated by locals, Miel was not immune to Covid and all that comes with it. Like most restaurateurs on the island, Hakim had to come up with a new concept to ensure that Miel would continue to serve the gourmets of the neighbourhood and beyond as he knows how to do so well. And that’s how Rubie’s was born.

“It was some of my neighbours who pitched the idea of creating something more family friendly that kids would love as much as adults,” says Hakim. He had always dreamed of giving Miel a sibling restaurant in the same neighbourhood; and Covid simply accelerated the process. Although Hakim officially launched Rubie’s on Oct. 9, the idea dates back to mid-May and was in the works for part of the summer. “It’s really through word of mouth that Rubie’s is working today. Regulars would see friends leaving with fried chicken and they wanted to try it too,” he explains.

Rubie’s is the name given to America’s favourite poultry, hence the decision to call the project Rubie’s. It’s slowly becoming a popular spot for people who eat—by choice or by necessity— gluten-free. Hakim, who himself has developed an intolerance, wanted to create a gluten-free fried chicken. The breading is made from chickpea, rice, and potato flours. A new favourite address for people intolerant to gluten, from the West Island to Carignan, eating fried chicken is done without restriction at Rubie’s

It goes without saying that the showstopper at Rubie’s is the fried chicken. Which, in addition to being gluten free, is also organic—from the Voltigeurs Farm. It is also on our list of the best fried chicken in Montreal. Available in 3, 6 or 12 pieces, it is tender and perfectly seasoned, and even better with the house gravy. The chicken, like the rest of the menu, is unpretentious. Also on the menu are 12-inch subs, among which we recommend the Rubie’s Classic. In addition, the fries generously round out the menu, and are accompanied by several sauces; our favourite is the ranch sauce. Although the menu is small, the food chosen is of the highest quality. “When you offer a menu with such simple dishes, where the food is barely processed, you have to choose them well,” says Hakim.

Don’t worry, Rubie’s is not an ephemeral project like so many we’ve seen emerge and fade away since March. It will continue long after the Covid storm blows over, but with one very special detail; it will have its own space. Soon, Pointe-Saint-Charles residents will be able to savour their fried chicken in a very special atmosphere.

Photography by Le Cuisinomane

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